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Update: The Rainbow Awards

I wanted to post an update about The Rainbow Awards. I’ve already finished three of the books I was assigned and I’ve submitted my ratings to Elisa Rolle. It was hard, too. The books were good and I wanted to rate them more as a reader than a writer.

This weekend I’m going to finish reading my other two assigned books and I’ll send off the ratings to Elisa early next week.

I’m taking this Rainbow Award very seriously, as an LGBT writer and reader. None of my books are part of the award and I’m rating books by publishers I haven’t worked with in the past. Everyone involved, from the writers who entered to the people on the jury are taking it seriously. The genre is growing rapidly, and I’m thrilled that it’s happening during my lifetime. I had older friends, who are now gone, who would have loved to have seen this transpire while they were alive. I also have a few dumb friends who don’t even know it exists (they don’t read my blog; they live nearby and don’t read anything 🙂 but that’s another story, for my upcoming blog series: “The Winners I have known.”

So if any of you nice gay bloggers (or not gay; it doesn’t really matter) who stop by here every now and then want to mention something about The Rainbow Awards in your own blogs, please feel free to do so. It would be nice to see this award get the attention it deserves.