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What Is "Gaycism" All About?

There’s a term out there called “Gaycism.” And some people are being called “Gaycists” in ways I’ve never seen before.

Urban dictionary defines it this way:

Racism against homosexuals.

Plain and simple.

But the two articles to which I’m linking below take it a step further and discuss how TV tends to go overboard with regard to gays and minorities in the quest to be funny…almost as if the two articles are trying to redefine the word to make gay characters on TV shows look racist.

Your New TV Term of the Month: Gaycism:

Here’s an uncomfortable barter that’s been happening all too much on TV lately: gay characters excusing a cotton bale’s worth of cringeworthy, racist jokes. The latest example comes courtesy of Glee-master Ryan Murphy’s new NBC comedy The New Normal. The show’s leading gay couple Bryan and David (Bonus points: David is a doctor. Who likes football. And doesn’t speak in jazz hands. En garde, Will & Grace-era mellifluous homotyping!) are in search of the perfect surrogate. All seems well and fine, except for the sitcom also features an “Oh no you did-eeent” black secretary who steals her boss’s credit card. And an Asian mistress nicknamed, uh, “Hello Kitty.” Plus a slew of jokes centered on the idea that lady genitals are more disgusting than a Van Halen tour bus toilet. (At one point, Bryan, just imagining a vagina, whines, “Ewwww, they look like tarantulas!”)

This came from GQ and I suggest reading it in full with the link I provided above.

Are Politically Incorrect Gay TV Characters “Gaycist?”

The visibility of LGBT characters on TV, particularly on sitcoms, is higher than ever — from Fox’s Glee and ABC’s Modern Family to the new comedies Partners on CBS and The New Normal on NBC. While these characters are being embraced by the mainstream, the gays are still on the fringes of society — if you’ve been following this presidential race thingy — leading to what GQ calls gaycism: “the wrongheaded idea that having gay characters gives you carte blanche to cut PC corners elsewhere.”

And I found this in AfterElton by Lyle Masaki:

I’m not sure what to think about GQ’s article about “gaycism,” which is its term for racist humor in gay-inclusive shows like Modern Family and The New Normal. On one hand, there are gay creators who need to realize that belonging to one repressed group doesn’t give them an innate understanding of all other groups. Still, the article has the slighted tone I’ve seen in too many “Who can say what?” articles and gaycism already has a meaning.

I tend to agree with this comment. Gaycism DOES have a meaning. And everyone, everywhere, agrees the definition of Gaycism is the same as the one I just linked to above on Urban Dictionary. I looked it up in several places and found this to be true. So while I agree with the GQ article in some respects, I think they need to look for another word. I also think we often become a little too politically correct and sometimes take things a little too seriously. I’ll be the first to admit there are gay stereotypes, and sometimes they are funny…as long as it’s not malicious. Intent is a HUGE factor when it comes to writing comedy.