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I’m Nominated for a Gaybie Award…

I was informed earlier today that I was nominated for a Gaybie award, along with a couple of other authors from

Here’s a link to, where the nominees are listed. You have to scroll down the page to the “Best E-book” category to see my name, along with Dirk Vanden and Cain Belinger.

Welcome to the 2012 TLA GAYBIE AWARDS, where we’re honoring what we feel was the very best work in gay-themed movies and literature from the past year. And, even though we don’t have an awards “show,” per se, we’ll still attempt to be much more concise and entertaining than the Oscars® – which shouldn’t be too difficult! No need to thank us. You are very welcome.

This year’s nominees were hand-picked by our opinionated, gay-movie-obsessed staff. As for the winners, YOU get to pick them! Scroll down to vote for your favorite movies, books, actors, television shows, blogs and festivals. The winners will be announced April 15th. Don’t forget to check back with us to see if your favorites made the final cut! Happy voting!

Scroll down to vote for and honor your favorite gay books and movies released in 2011 and to show some respect for the amazing DVD labels and publishers helping keep these great selections alive.

Voting will close at 11:59PM ET on Sunday March 31st, 2012. We encourage you to vote for your favorite in each category and please feel free to vote more than once. Victory is up to you! Once you’ve made your selections in each category, be sure to click the large VOTE button at the bottom of the page to record your votes.

The book that was nominated was “You Missed a Spot.” I wrote this short story about five years ago, during the hottest summer I can remember in ages. I didn’t submit it for publication until much later. But every time I look at the cover I think of the summer of 2007.

I love the fact that they do have a best e-book award. It tells me they are paying attention to the fact that readers are moving to digital books faster by the day. I also like being nominated for an award where I didn’t have to submit anything or actually enter. And I’m extremely grateful for the nomination, and to for being a great place for LGBT people to go for all kinds of entertainment.

COLLEGE BOYS Wins a Gaybie Award

An anthology I’m in, COLLEGE BOYS, edited by Shane Allison, just won a TLA Gaybie Award for Best Erotic Fiction, here.

My short story in this book is titled, “Off Campus, Man,” and I’ve read all the stories and like them a lot. The book can be purchased here, and below is a product description.

Is it any wonder that college boys are the stuff of fantasies the world over? These dreamy hunks stride across campus, stirring lust in their wake. Whether toweling off after a swim, lurking in the library stacks, or engaging in some male bonding at the frat house, these gorgeous undergrads are good for page-turning, arousing action. An explicit collection of gay erotica, College Boys explores the first feelings of lust for another boy, all-night study sessions with a classmate, and the excitement of a student hot for teacher. This steamy collection relishes the joys of self-discovery and the revelations that happen when a young man has freedom to pursue his interests—in bed and out. From coming out to falling in love, these stories of sexual awakening will evoke trembling, heart-pounding, sweaty-palmed excitement. Featuring the top erotic authors Rob Rosen, Simon Sheppard, Neil Plakcy, Christopher Pierce, Rachel Kramer Bussel, and more. With searing male-on-male action and wickedly inventive writing, these stories are more provocative, authentic, smart, edgy, and hotter than gay erotica published anywhere else.

Another Cleis Press Book Up For a Gaybie Award: COLLEGE BOYS

Yesterday I posted about the SKATER BOYS anthology that’s up for a Gaybie award. And while I was getting links together, I also noticed another Cleis Press book I’m in is up for an award as well.

This book is titled, COLLEGE BOYS, and it was put together and edited by Shane Allison. Once again, I’m thrilled to be part of this. There are a lot of great authors in this book, including Neil Plakcy, who edited SKATER BOYS. Here’s the link where you can see who else has been nominated. I’m honestly not very familiar with this site. But it looks interesting and there’s a long list of categories, filled with lgbt entertainment.
(Update to this post: My short story in this book is titled, “Off Campus, Man.” But I forgot I recently released this short story as a stand alone e-book with another publisher, after several changes and resvises, under the title, “Dirty Little Virgin.” It can be purchased alone, as an e-book, for $2.25 at most large online web sites where e-books are sold…here’s the link to… one of my own personal favorite e-book stores because it’s so easy to use)

My Short Story – SKATER BOYS Anthology: Nominated For Best Erotic Fiction – 2011 GAYBIE AWARDS

I just heard that a book I’m in, SKATER BOYS, edited by Neil Plakcy and published by Cleis Press, was nominated for the 2011 Gabie Awards. Here’s the link where you can vote. And there are other categories for other mediums and genres you can vote for too.

My short story in SKATER BOYS was titled, “In This Our Day.” And although it is erotic to a degree, I’d have to admit this is one of my more romantic stories. And it is also about a May – December romance between a nice guy in his forties and a younger guy in his twenties.

I’ve read the entire book myself and I liked all the stories, and I’m thrilled to be part of a book that’s been nominated for a Gaybie. I also love being in books edited by Neil Plakcy. I’ve been in Lambda books that were either nominated or won a Lambda Award. But this is a first for a Gaybie. The print book can be purchased here, on Amazon, as well as the Kindle version.

However, as a side note, even though I’m thrilled about being in this book and being part of a book that was nominated for a Gaybie, I’d like to stress that when an author like me submits a short story to a publisher for a book like this I’m only paid a flat fee. For this book, as I recall, the flat fee was $60.00. I make no money at all on the back end, and this includes all digital sales.

I have no complaints about this at all. I knew what I was doing when I submitted the book and signed the contract. I wanted to work with Neil Plakcy and I love Cleis Press books. The flat fee payment is the way things are done, and I don’t see this changing anytime soon. But I’d also like readers (and book pirates who seem to think we’re making huge bucks here) to know that while I’m promoting this book right now in this post, it’s truly because I love it and I’m thrilled about the Gaybie, and it’s not because I’m making any money at all with regard to sales, digital or print. In other words, I don’t have to promote it at all. There’s nothing in it for me other than the fact that I love the book and I think readers will love it just as much.
And, there’s another Cleis Press book I’m in that’s also been nominated for a Gaybie. It’s titled, COLLEGE BOYS, and I’ll post more about that one tomorrow. I just thought it would be better to post about each book individually, with respect to the editors.