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Martin Sheen Plays Gayface; Gay Women and Pride; 14 Gay Disney Characters

Martin Sheen Plays Gayface

For those who don’t know, many years ago actor, Martin Sheen, played a gay role. I think I read somewhere once it was one of the first gay roles on TV…if not THE first. The article to which I’m linking right now does mention this, but I thought it was important enough to mention a few more details. The title of that film was “A Certain Summer,” and it was made into a book. I was too young to have seen it when it first aired. I watched it years later in the 1980’s…still a time when there was very limited TV for gay people to watch.

From wiki:

That Certain Summer is a 1972 American television movie directed by Lamont Johnson. The teleplay by Richard Levinson and William Link was the first to deal sympathetically with homosexuality. Produced by Universal Television, it was broadcast as an ABC Movie of the Week on November 1, 1972. A novelization of the film written by Burton Wohl was published by Bantam Books.

And now Sheen is returning to play another gay character. This time in a Netflix original.

Sheen will play the husband of Jane Fonda in the upcoming Netflix comedy series Grace and Frankie which also stars Lily Tomlin, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Fonda and Tomlin play women who are each others nemesis but find their lives intertwined when their law partner husbands each leaves them – for each other.

You can read more here.

Gay Women and Pride

I think this article is important because it shows the strong diversity within the LGBTI community, and how very different gay women can be from gay men.

Long before black and latino Prides marched to their soulful and salsa beats in the late 80s and early 90s, respectively, Lesbian Pride marches came on the scene in the 70s. And they were protest marches publicly denouncing, at the time, the political stronghold and exclusionary practices of ‘Gay Pride’ events – as Wikipedia correctly notes – ‘by white gay men at the expense of lesbians in general and women of color in particular’.

I think they make a very strong point. I would take this even a step further and mention how Pride events have often become examples of capitalism for those who can’t wait to jump onto the proverbial gay bandwagon and make money on us. Oh, I’ve seen more than my share of that happen. And these days making money on gays seems to be the thing to do.

You can read more here. I have a few very good women friends who tell me they aren’t even fond of the word lesbian. They just prefer gay women. So that’s why I titled this post the way I did. I’m using the word a lot less these days.

14 Gay Disney Characters

When I posted about Mary Poppins being a gay woman, I had no idea there were other Disney characters who might be gay.

But while the movies are great (well, some of them), there has never been an explicitly gay, bi or trans character in an animated Disney children’s movie.

But there are some characters that Disney could have intended to be gay, or characters that use gay stereotypes or even just has a large gay following.

You can read more here. I’m not familiar with any Disney characters so you’ll have to read the list. I do think it’s interesting that some of those who commented are not fond of the list, and that Mary Poppins wasn’t mentioned once. But in all fairness the article does come with a disclaimer and I think it’s meant to be funny.