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Fangsters on Sale Saturday; Kevin Fletcher on Gay Fans; March For Marriage Dismal

Fangsters on Sale Saturday, my own personal favorite outlet for buying e-books, is having a summer sale, and tomorrow my book, Fangsters will be on sale at 50% off.

Here’s the link to the Fangsters page on Allromance.

Here’s the blurb:

At a glance, Anton Pagano looks and sounds just like any other twenty-something. He lives in a mansion in northern New Jersey with his mom and dad, and he’s never had to worry about anything other than his wardrobe, his latest new car, and the secret love affair he’s been having for years. However, Anton has more than just the love affair to hide: he belongs to a Sicilian vampire mobster clan that migrated to New Jersey in the late 1800s.

 When Anton’s dad, the head of their clan, decides it’s time for Anton and his vampire cousin Digger to get into the “family business,” Anton’s not all that excited about it. Until he meets a sweet, young human named Leo on his first night at work. They wind up spending the rest of the night together, but things get even more complicated when they bring Anton’s secret vampire lover into the picture a few weeks later.

 After a bloody battle with werewolves, and the beginning of what Anton predicts will be an all-out war between two vampire mob clans in New Jersey, Anton and his secret vampire lover decide it’s time to consider turning Leo into a vampire so all three of them can be together for eternity. But thanks to fate, nothing is as simple as it looks, and they wind up doing the one thing they ever wanted to do to Leo as a last resort.

I’m putting up a short excerpt below that’s never been published, and I’ll try to post more tomorrow. If you do a simple search for the book on Allromance tomorrow just use the title “Fangsters.” That’s how I got it. I don’t have any special access to these things. I get my own books the same way readers do. Allromance has a sensitive search feature and you have to be that specific with all books there.

Kevin Fletcher on Gay Fans

Fletcher is an actor on a UK soap, Emmerdale, that I’ve never seen. He’s been playing the part of Andy Sugden since most of us were kids and he recently commented on the way gay fans react to him on social media. I have a few thoughts on this topic myself because I’ve seen it happen with other male celebrities and it often makes me wonder about the double standards. Fletcher seems to take it all in his stride, though.

‘Most of my saucy comments are from gay guys. Some of them are pretty explicit in the things they say, especially on Twitter,’ the actor told The Sun this week.

‘There are some fan pages for gay men, who send the most crazy stuff. It’s funny. I’ve had women telling me I’m bloody gorgeous but I haven’t had any kinky pictures. Everything’s been quite tame… from the women!’

First, I follow a few male celebrities myself, one of whom is Trevor Donovan. From what I’ve seen, he gets as many “saucy” comments from women fans as he does from gay men. Like Fletcher, Donovan takes it in his stride and he jokes around about it. He’s good sport.

But I think it’s important to realize the fact that men like Trevor Donovan and Kevin Fletcher are also human beings. And the comments I’ve seen certain people make about them would be considered misogynistic if they were made about a woman…if not downright rude. And they come from women and gay men. At least from what I’ve personally witnessed and I’m on social media all the time.

More here about Fletcher. 

March For Marriage Dismal

According to all pieces I’ve read, the National Organization of Marriage’s (NOM) annual “March For Marriage” in Washington this week was dismal at best. I’ve read there weren’t huge crowds, at least not as large as NOM would lead people to believe. And the general theme of the event was about as interesting as spending a Friday night with Rick Santorum.

Today, a handful of people favoring the preservation of an abstract institution over the quality of actual human lives took to the west lawn of the U.S. Capitol for the March for Marriage, which was organized by the hate group the National Organization for Marriage. Usual suspects like Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee showed up to spout the usual rhetoric: ensuring that gay people can’t get married is about love not hate, kids need a mother and a father, people need the religious freedom to discriminate against whomever they arbitrarily choose, and gay people are bullies for fighting back at the o.g. bullies who go out of their way to interfere with and cast judgement on their lives. There was also the repeated claim that gay marriage has never been enacted by popular vote, which is just bullshit. Shocking that the “traditional marriage” crowd would resort to lies to keep people persuaded.

You can read more here. This isn’t the only place where I’ve read the turnout was far less than what the people who hate to see gay people have equal rights had anticipated.

According to all polls, public opinion is shifting in favor of quality for gays. And that’s really what this is all about: equality and basic civil rights. The same equality that allows Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum the right to worship as they wish and to march against gay marriage.

I’m actually very personally disappointed in Huckabee. I think Santorum is a fake who will do anything to advance his floundering political career. But I had more faith in Mick Huckabee and I’m actually hoping that he eventually changes his opinion. It’s happened before with other conservatives.  Former President Bush…the father…supported a same sex wedding in Maine last year. Being gay is NOT exclusive to one particular political party.

Excerpt: Fangsters by Ryan Field

Once again, this is a raw version, before edits, but the final book is no different in content.

Digger sat back in his seat and pouted, as if Anton had punished him for something naughty. Not long after that, they exited the Parkway and drove to a dark road at the edge of Atlantic City where the only signs of life were a few dark homes and a small unkempt strip mall that had a tanning salon, a convenient store, a barber, and a bakery. It seemed like an odd place for a meeting, even for Edwin von Sutton. These Pine Barren vampires were so low end.

            Anton parked in a head on space in front of the tanning salon and they exchanged a quick glance.

            “Are you sure this is the right place?” Digger asked. “I’m not sure I want to even go into a tanning salon.” The UV rays from tanning beds could be just as fatal to vampires as the natural sunlight. Digger could be irresponsible, but he wasn’t a complete fool. “Remember what happened to Nicky Pelora and that broad a few years ago.” Nicky Pelora had been one of the vampires in their clan, a hot lanky young guy who liked pussy as much as Digger liked dick. Nicky had been seeing a woman who worked at a tanning salon. One night after the salon had closed and they thought they were alone, they went into a tanning booth and climbed into a tanning bed naked. While they were screwing around, at the exact moment Nicky entered her, the owner of the salon came in to tan unexpectedly and he turned on the tanning bed with the computer at the front desk. The owner had no idea anyone else was in there, until the tanning bed switched on and the young girl started screaming. The owner found her naked in the tanning bed, without a trace of Nicky Pelora anywhere to be found. Nicky had turned to dust and disappeared while they’d been fucking. The girl had no idea what had happened or where he’d gone. And when she tried to explain all this, everyone thought she’d lost her mind and they put her in a mental hospital. She’d been there ever since.

            Anton checked the address again and said, “This is the place. Maybe von Sutton owns tanning salons? Nothing would surprise me with this clan down here. I feel like I’m at the end of the world.” He felt uncomfortable about this; his dad hadn’t mentioned anything about tanning salons. “Maybe I should call my dad and see what he thinks.”

            Digger opened the door and said, “Fuck that. Let’s just go in and see what’s up. If you call Angelo now he’ll think we can’t handle the job and we’ll both wind up looking like idiots.”

            Anton knew he’d made a good point, so he climbed out of the car and followed Digger to the entrance of the tanning salon. Though most of the lights were out and there was a “Closed” sign hanging in the window, they found the front door unlocked and entered with caution. It smelled of sweet tanning lotion and other fresh hells that made them both cover their noses at the same time. The hot pink walls screamed bad taste, the floors had been covered in dark gray industrial carpet, and the plastic palm trees in every corner insulted Anton to the point of hurting his stomach. When Anton glanced at the walls, he saw posters of attractive humans in bathing suits, lying around on beaches with white sand, smiling as if they didn’t have a care in the world. Even when he’d been a human, Anton had never understood the need to burn and darken his skin in the sun.

            They walked slowly to the middle of the reception area and a voice from somewhere in the back said, “I’m back here. Turn left and I’m at the end of the hall.”

            It didn’t sound like Edwin von Sutton. Anton had never met him, but he’d heard von Sutton had a thick German accent. The voice he’d just heard sounded young, and the accent was not German. “We’re here to see Edwin von Sutton,” Anton said. He didn’t want to go back in case this was some kind of a trap.

            “I’m here in his place,” said the voice. “He couldn’t make it tonight. I’m all alone back here and I’ve been waiting for you.”

            Digger said, “We can’t just stand here. We have to go back.” Then he took a step forward and started walking to the back of the tanning salon before Anton had a chance to stop him.

            Anton would have made whoever was back there come out front. But Digger had already gone back and Anton followed him, glancing into the dark small tanning booths he passed, checking to see there was no one hiding behind a door. He tried to breathe through his mouth because the sickening sweet aroma of cheap tanning lotions made him light-headed.

            At the end of the long dark hallway, they found a thick metal door ajar and saw a small light shining inside what appeared to be some kind of a storage room with a concrete floor and cinderblock walls. When they entered, they found a handsome young man sitting on one of those old fashioned gun metal desks that had once been so popular in schools and police stations. The young man had blond hair and wore faded jeans and a black T-shirt. His legs dangled from the edge of the desk and he was tapping the heel of his heavy black boot against the metal desk with an even beat.

            The moment Digger saw him, he squared his back and started to swagger in that fake-cool way that suggested he wanted to show this guy he was tougher and wouldn’t be intimidated. He walked up to the guy and said, “What the fuck, man? Where’s the fucking German?”

            Anton took a deep breath. He smiled at the guy and said, “You’ll have to excuse my cousin. He’s not very politically correct. He doesn’t mean to be offensive.” Digger had been around the older Italian vampires for so long he’d acquired their generational knack of always having to label people by their nationalities. The plumber was the “Pollock,” the baker was the “Jew,” and the guy who owned the dry cleaning store was always referred to as the “Chinaman.” In most cases, though not politically correct, no one meant any harm. But Anton would never have been this crude…or racist…and he felt the need to apologize for Digger.

            The guy smiled. “No offense taken, buddy. I’m cool. My name is Craig and I know who you are already.” He spoke with a soft even tone, almost too soft and even for Anton’s taste, as if he were about to pounce on them. The one thing that relieved Anton was he knew the guy wasn’t a vampire. But he wasn’t completely human either. He had an edge Anton couldn’t describe right away.