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Who Has the Most Tops…and Bottoms?

I don’t know any gay men who aren’t at least slightly interested in this topic. You won’t hear it on TV discussed much. But I can’t be certain because I haven’t seen many of the TV shows like Modern Family. Maybe they do discuss it. I remember innuendos from Will & Grace that made me laugh. Maybe it’s there and I’ve missed it.

But it is discussed within the gay community, especially between gay men. And someone’s written a book about it for gay men who travel. Here’s the link, and the article is below. I know I’m curious to see what it says.

And there are other links on the post, so there’s even more detail.

Book Review: The Gay Travel Guide for Tops and Bottoms

The Gay Travel Guide For Tops And Bottoms (ISBN 978-0-9869297-8-6) by Drew Blancs has set the record for new release sales at Icon Empire Press. The tongue in cheek look at gay travel based upon the sexual performance of the locals is a unique approach in travel review books. The research is done by two promiscuous gay male travelers (one exclusively top gay male and one exclusively bottom gay male).

The idea was created by Drew Blancs who became tired of the complaints of his top and bottom friends of their lack of finding compatible sex partners. ” I wrote this book so that gay men can set out and find the city the fits them best and yes, that pun was intended” says Drew Blancs, a frequent Los Angeles blogger and now first time author.

The book took over five years to complete due to the travel schedules of the two featured travelers. As the two narrators visit each country, they rated the local top or bottom gay men by sexual performance with up to a 5 point rating system. The book was able to determine which country had the best top and the best bottom gay male locals.