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Bullying, Crisis, Questioning?…This Might Help

Someone commented on a blog post I read yesterday about how it might help to let young LGBTQ people in crisis know there are good books out there that might help them. And I think it’s a good idea for young people who are in crisis about their identities, too. In the LGBTQ world there’s a lot of frustration during the teen and early twenty years and there’s never an easy answer.

But there are people who have been writing about their own experiences, and some have been writing good books with the intention of helping people who are in crisis. And I don’t believe everyone is cut out to call helplines or seek help out in an aggressive way. Some people are more introspective and they prefer to seek help in quiet ways.

I have one editorial client left. His name is Curt von Dornheim and he’s written many non-fiction books that I think can be very helpful to people who are either going through a crisis or coming out of one. Although his books aren’t strictly LGBTQ, he is very familiar with the LGBTQ community and he’s worked with everything from AIDS patients to school children. I know his books are good because I edited them. I had nothing to do with the e-book releases because I know nothing about that. I’m not promoting his books because I’m receiving any compensation.

I’m doing it because I think it might help. And I would recommend his books highly to anyone who is in doubt or is questioning something in their life. They aren’t religious books; they aren’t exactly self-help. They aren’t too spiritual and they aren’t too complicated. But they do make you feel really good. And that’s the best way I can explain it.

He’s like Norman Vincent Peale for today’s way of thinking…without the religious overtones. Every page has something positive. I like his books so much I even left a review for one on amazon, and that’s not something I do often.

Here’s a list of his e-books that have just been released:

Don’t Take Your Treasures With You

Crystallizing Creative Consciousness

Online Resources To Help Gay Teens In Crisis…

One of the wonderful things about the Internet can be put into one word: INFORMATION.

Another word is ANONYMITY.

So I’m linking to several resources for gay teens in crisis. I don’t know how helpful these things are, but at least it’s something with which to begin.

When we all say things like, “It gets better,” we aren’t just blowing smoke up your asses. But it doesn’t always happen fast. To paraphrase Hillary Clinton from the last election, “The skies aren’t going to open and celestial choirs aren’t going to sing.”

In order for it to get better you have to work through a lot of shit first. I don’t know any gay adult who hasn’t had to do this. Unfortunately, that’s just life.

Suicide & Crisis Hotlines

Life-Saving Resources
Too many young people have taken their lives because of anti-gay bullying.

The Trevor Project: Help for Suicidal Gay Teens

Point Foundation provides financial support, mentoring, leadership training and hope to meritorious students who are marginalized due to sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.

Resources for LGBTQ Youth

These are just a handful. There are others.

And reading helps, too. Even if you start with some of the older gay classics, like THE FRONT RUNNER, or GIOVANNI’S ROOM, you’ll gain more of an insight about what it really is to be gay. I know those of you living in small towns all over America right now only know what you’ve seen and heard in the mainstream. And that’s not much information to go on. In fact, most of the gay men and women I know are nothing like the images portrayed by the mainstream. And this crisis with gay teens isn’t something new. And the LGBT community has been working on it for a long time, especially with fiction. And sometimes all it takes is just one book to change your entire life.