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Gay Teenager Only Wants Straight Men; First Transgender Deacon Ordained; High School Principal Comes Out As Trans

Gay Teenager Only Wants Straight Men

This is more common than I think most people realize, and not everyone is willing to admit it aloud.

He knows you can’t help who you’re attracted to, and that there’s no accounting for taste.

Still, that’s of little solace to a young teenager who’s distressed that he’s only attracted to straight guys; a classically self-defeating case of wanting what you can’t have.

“I’m always around straight guys,”Marcosoto987 writes on Reddit, “and they drive me insane.”  

You can read more here. I think part of his problem is that he hasn’t found out yet how diverse the gay male community is. In fact, there are many gay men walking around all over and you can’t tell if they’re gay or straight at a glance. He’ll learn.

First Transgender Deacon

I’m linking a lot less to these days because I’d rather read more stories about things like this. I’d rather read positive news about good people than negative nonsense about politics. And frankly, it’s getting hard to find stories like this at It’s all so negative, with looks shaming and body shaming. It’s getting creepy.

But I digress. This is inspirational.

The United Methodist Church has ordained a non-binary trans deacon.

On Sunday (4 June) M Barclay was commissioned by Bishop Sally Dyck at the Northern Illinois Conference.

Barclay, who identifies as neither male nor female and uses they as their pronoun, worked 12 years to achieve this. 

You can check that out here. 

High School Principal Comes Out As Trans

I’ve known a lot of trans people in my life and I always thought it was because I lived in New Hope, PA, where there’s a large LGBTQ presence. Evidently, I was wrong and I’m applauding the fact that we are now seeing transgender people everywhere.

A high school principal in Brookline, Massachusetts, US, has written a letter to parents in which he comes out as transgender.

Asa Cain Sevelius, principal of Heath School in Chestnut Hill, sent the email out on Wednesday evening.

It began: ‘Dear Heath Community, I am writing to all of you to share some powerful news about me. I am transgender.’

The 45-year-old told the Boston Globe that it was becoming obvious that his appearance was changing and he felt it best to say something.

You can read more about this here. There’s a photo, too.

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