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The Gay History of Halloween; Gay Teen Who Was Thrown Out By His Parents; Becoming A Gay Porn Star Later In Life

The Gay History of Halloween

Every year at this time I come across a story like this, but they’re always slightly different.

Gay cultural influence on Halloween became an unstoppable phenomenon here and abroad.

So much so that anthropologist Jerry Kugelmass of University of Florida published a book in 1994 on the new trend, titled Masked Culture. He described Halloween as an emerging gay ‘high holiday’.

CNN contributor David Frum wrote last year the ‘Halloween craze started in gay culture’:

There’s more here. I don’t want to burst anyone’s gay stereotype bubble, but for the sake of gay stereotypes, there are just as many gay men who don’t care about Halloween as there are who do. Trust me on that. I know plenty of them…and I’m gay 🙂

Gay Teen Who Was Thrown Out By His Parents

I remember posting something about this about a year ago, and now there’s a much better ending.

A year ago a video of Daniel Ashley-Pierce went viral after the world saw his family disown him and throw him out for being gay. People were so supportive they crowdfunded enough money for him to go out on his own.

Now one year later, Ashley-Pierce was able to find a place to rent and pay for his medical bills (including the cost of hearing aids) now his parents dropped him from their insurance plan.

He also donated thousands to Lost-n-Found Youth, a shelter for homeless LGBTI children. He also began volunteering, working to help kids who find themselves from the people they thought would look after them.

You can check this out here. Good for him. 

Becoming A Gay Porn Star Later In Life

This isn’t the kind of thing you see everyday. When you think of porn…gay or straight…you think about young actors. I actually think what this guy in the article is doing is a good thing because it helps stop the negative stereotypes about gay men aging. Or, at least it gives an alternative.

Steele spent the best part of two decades working in corporate America. However, desiring a complete change, in 2014 – in his late-40s – he branched out into adult entertainment.

There’s more here. The comments are very…interesting.

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