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LGBT Homeless Crisis; LGBTI Teen Sues DMV; Not Gay Spokesman: Sam Smith

LGBT Homeless Crisis

I keep hearing more about this as if it’s becoming an epidemic. It’s good and bad. Younger gay people seem to be reaching out…and coming out…more each day thanks to what I think are changing times, and many are being turned away by parents or guardians. Last week I posted about a gay teen who was rejected by his family. His story went viral and he wound up garnering something like $100,000 through crowdfunding support, and now he’s making a plea to redirect funding to an organization so he help others like himself.

Pierce wrote: ‘Please visit the Lost-n-Found Youth website at for more information on how you can make a difference for the many other kids in the world like me.’ Lost-n-Found Executive Director Rick Westbrook said in a statement: ‘I would say we’re right at $10,000 (thanks to Pierce donations). ‘Daniel is an incredibly bright and courageous young man. He is the epitome of who Lost n’ Found is here to serve.’

I once wrote on the topic of finding an abandoned infant in the Virgin Billionaire series. It’s something that’s always fascinated me personally. For the main character, Luis, this was almost an obsession. I’m starting to rethink that and now I wish I’d made his obsession about finding a homeless gay kid who was kicked out and rejected. I’m not trying to play down abandoning an infant. But isn’t the abandonment of any child at any age horrendous?

You can read more here.


In these every changing times I have a feeling we’re all going to have to rethink what’s expected and what’s considered the norm. In this next article a teen is suing the DMV for making him remove make-up while he was getting his license photo ID taken. Evidently, they didn’t think he looked “male” enough.


‘It was wrong to be taken aside and told how I look doesn’t fit with traditional gender roles and how I look is not even good enough to take a driver’s license picture taken,’ Culpepper said.

 ‘And unfortunately, a lot of people like me have to go through this.’

Culpepper’s mother, Teresa, said: ‘They said he was wearing a disguise. It was very hurtful. He was absolutely devastated. That’s who he is 24/7.’

I hope he wins the case and this sets a new standard in the court system. No one should be able to dictate how anyone looks. Last I heard we’re not all required to wear little gray hats and march in rows.

You can read the rest here.

Not Gay Spokesman: Sam Smith

A singer in the UK, Sam Smith, recently commented that he’s thrilled to have people accept him for being gay and that he would prefer they care more about his music than his sexuality. He also insists he doesn’t want to be a gay spokesman of any kind.

First, I don’t even know who he is…up until now. He makes it clear he’s just beginning to grow in the US.

Second, if there’s ever going to be a gay spokesman I think it should be a gay spokesperson, with an emphasis on the word person. After all, we’re fighting for equality all the way around.

Third, it’s important for a spokesman or spokesperson to represent all factors of a minority community.

Fourth, I think we need more role models instead of spokespeople. In that respect Smith is doing an excellent job.

When told it feels like the music is transcending the coming out, Smith said it’s because he’s not trying to be a role model for the LGBTI community.

‘It’s because I’m not trying to be a spokesperson. It sounds awful of me, but I’m really just trying to live my life and write music about it,’ he said.

You can read the rest here. I will make a point of checking him out.


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