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Gay Super Bowl Ad; Snipping the Foreskin; The Rainbow Detective Agency

Gay Super Bowl Ad

First, this isn’t a real ad for the Super Bowl. It’s a fake gay ad trying hard to be a real locker room scene in what’s more like a mockery of gay athletes. But don’t quote me on this because I’m not really sure WTF it is.

Well one group has banked on the fact that people will click on something titled “Shocking Super Bowl Commercial 2015″ by creating this very odd, fake commercial for a product called “Queer Beer.”

But the joke’s on them — we watched it because it ends with a bunch of hot guys making out in a locker room, not because it has the words Super Bowl in the heading. Oh. Maybe that’s even worse?

You can read and view here. The comments are amusing.

Snipping the Foreskin

This always incites a certain amount of controversy whenever I post about it either here or on other social media. I’ve seen arguments in comment threads about whether or not men should be circumcised.  This time they’re talking about men who are tired of their foreskin, so the men are having it snipped off. This guy below started the new year off by having his foreskin removed:

Adam was born in France. He now lives in New York’s West Village. Growing up, his parents wouldn’t allow a bris for fear that it would create an external sign of being Jewish “in a hostile world.” And so Adam went his whole life wishing he were circumcised.

Immediately after the procedure two years ago, Adam and his rabbi went to a nearby park to bury his foreskin, a practice which symbolizes “putting the negativity back into the earth.”

Of course, deciding to get the snip was easy. The recovery, on the other hand, was a different story.

“There was a five-week recovery before I could use it,” Adam says, explaining the recovery regimen included remaining bandaged for 10 days and soaking his scabbby junk in Epsom salt twice a day for 30 minutes.

Adam isn’t the only one doing this. The article goes on to mention others, and one doc claims this procedure is “hot” right now.

Who am I to judge? Personally, I love a guy with foreskin. I think it’s hot. But then again, I had my nose done because it bothered me so I think you should do whatever makes you feel better, not what makes someone else feel better. If that means getting your foreskin snipped, good for you.

You can read more here. You’ll LOVE these comments.

The Rainbow Detective Agency

Today is release day for a new series I’m starting that’s a little different from other books I’ve written. The title of the series is “The Rainbow Detective Agency” and because I’m indie publishing this one I’m labeling each book as it’s released in consecutive order so readers can distinguish between Book One, etc…

Here’s a little about the first book in the series:

When world famous swim suit model Proctor Gamble discovers his business manager has embezzled all his money and left him with nothing but a few bad investments, he has to figure out a way to liquidate in order to generate cash.

One business is a private detective agency run by a sexy, smooth-talking hipster named Blair Huntingdon. When Blair discovers Proctor wants to shut him down, he tries to persuade Proctor to reconsider, with his penis and a few good slaps.

Although the attraction to Blair is too hard to ignore, Proctor doesn’t let mind-blowing sex change his mind about closing the detective agency. At least not until they stumble across a dead guy with a mysterious ring, and a murderous plot that involves the lost paintings of a famous artist who was persecuted during World War II for being openly gay.

Can two completely different men who are both struggling to survive figure out a way to save the lost art and their own lives at the same time? And will they recognize how much they need each other in order to survive?

There is an excerpt at each web site, and I’ll be posting freebie excerpts in the future. The genre is m/m erotic romance, with mystery suspense. And I’ll post the links below as I get them. These books are always distributed in several places, including iTunes. I’m also posting the cover of the second book because I’m releasing it very soon…within this coming week. I’ll post more about that when it goes up.

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