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Russia’s Gay Military; Gay Spoof and Parody; Gay Teen Story

Russia’s Gay Military

The article I’m linking to dates back to January 24th, and discusses Russia’s plans to figure out who is gay in the military. As outrageous as this sounds, this is what they are doing.

The Moscow Times reports that new recruits could face searches of their genitals and buttocks while authorities look for tattoos that would indicate they’re gay. Recruits would also be asked about their sexual history and “whether they have a girlfriend and whether it is important for her to be faithful.” The official recommendations are part of guidelines issued by the Defense Ministry and first reported by the Izvestia newspaper.

Evidently, this assault against gays in Russia has been coming for a while. This article was written prior to the recent anti-gay laws that have been passed in Russia.

The Gay Spoof and Parody

This web site is known for satire and parody, and it’s written clearly so there’s no mistake about it.

Here’s one example of what I’m talking about.

Erotic Art

Erotic art is an excuse, in the form of sketches, paintings, sculptures, and other media, to show naked people, many of whom are depicted as engaging in “erotic” (a codeword for sexual) activities. Although some people try to distinguish between erotic art and pornography, no argument for such a distinction has ever been generally accepted, and most people agree that one person’s erotic art is another person’s pornography.

Once again, this is satire/parody. I always feel the need to explain that more than once, just in case. It’s kind of like what I’ve done in the past with heteronormative romance films like an “Officer and a Gentleman,” by turning it into a loosely (very loosely) related erotic romance version titled, “An Officer and HIS Gentleman.”

Gay Teen Story

At this web site, I found a nice story about what it’s like to be YA and gay. It’s really something I think all gay people can identify with and for those who aren’t gay it might give you a deeper insight into what it’s like growing up gay in a heteronormative society.

 I really like this guy I know he likes girls but I just want him to be my friend…