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Rainbow Detective Agency: Saying Goodbye

Here is the latest book in The Rainbow Detective series titled, Saying Goodbye. You can find this almost everywhere from  Smashwords to iTunes, and I’m posting the Amazon link below. And, this book will be available in a print paperback version as well.


In this next installment of The Rainbow Detective Agency: Saying Goodbye, Proctor and Blair find themselves faced with a legal, moral and ethical dilemma. When a new client wants to hire them for the most unusual case they’ve ever come across, they’re both faced with a decision that calls upon their deepest darkest demons. 

While this is going on, Kevin has become part of their relationship for the long term and no one is certain where that is going. Although Kevin fits into their lives and he creates a balance they never expected to find, there are moments when things get complicated. 

It’s about life and death combined with dignity and romance, and the right to believe in something so controversial it’s still considered illegal in most places. In the end Proctor faces one of the most difficult decisions of his life so far, and learning to say goodbye is the only thing that will bring him the happy ending he desperately desires.

There is going to be another Rainbow Detective book coming out in the next few months tentatively titled, Rancho Mirage.

The Rainbow Detective Series
Saying Goodbye

Trevor Donovan Art

Normally I wouldn’t post about something like this, about any other person out there, but this is so different I think a lot of my blog (and fiction) readers will appreciate it. When I first saw it I was floored…in a good way. Kind of like the way you react when you walk into a piano bar and someone starts to sing and it’s absolutely spectacular.

I’m not joking. Donovan, an actor many of you are familiar with from Beverly Hills 90210, graduated college with a degree in graphic arts and he recently tweeted a piece of work he created. It’s the image of Marilyn Monroe. But it’s not just another Monroe image. This one is different from anything you’ve ever seen. There’s a sharp, clean quality to it, and the expression and the eyes are amazing.

I can’t share it here on the blog because I don’t like to do that without permission…after all, it’s someone’s art, their copyright. However, here is a link to the twitter page where you can see it yourselves. 

I don’t think he has any other works out there to view, but if I see any I’ll mention them. I find some art fascinating, which is why I opened an art gallery of my own right out of college in New Hope, PA. I owned the gallery for ten years and worked in publishing, writing part time. I repped a lot of original artists and I loved being surrounded by art. I sold art work to celebrities from New York and to ordinary people buying wedding gifts, and I still remember each piece I had. The only reason I closed the gallery was because I wanted to work full time in publishing, but that doesn’t mean I don’t feel the same way about art now. 
Dear Author-Ellora’s Cave Lawsuit

I haven’t been following this closely, but I did see a tweet about it late last night and I figured I would follow up on a post I did in the fall of 2014 about it. I’m not linking to that post I wrote because it really doesn’t say anything other than the basic facts. Writing strictly as a blogger, I absolutely believe in remaining objective when it comes to things like this.

In short, Ellora’s Cave filed a lawsuit against Jane Litte who runs the Dear Author blog in 2014 and this is the conclusion.

As you might have heard, I settled the EC lawsuit.

I want to set the record straight on a few things regarding my September 16, 2014, post about Ellora’s Cave. I made some errors and want to correct them:

You can check out the rest here. 

Gay Son Competes With Gay Dad

Here’s a story about a gay son who is frustrated because his gay dad is always hitting on younger men…in front of him. 


“Sup bros? My dad is in his late 50s and he has a penchant for younger gaybros… And by younger I mean YOUNG… my age. I’m in my younger twenties. The other night we went to my friend’s restaurant. The owner is a good friend of mine who I went to grade school with…. My dad was hitting on him, hard. And it was making me feel quite uncomfortable. Apparently he goes to my friend’s restaurant a lot. I saw in his phone too he has all of these shirtless pictures of MY friend saved to his camera roll. This is really creeping me out. I also believe my dad has been helping out younger gay guys my age with college. I don’t know if they are having sex though. This is really concerning me and I don’t know what to do. I thought he was past his midlife crisis but now I don’t know what to think.”

Didn’t they used to call gay dudes like this dad “chicken hawks?”

In any event, you can read more here…and there are comments.  I don’t see anything wrong with guys who date guys who are not their own ages, however, have a little decorum if your son is around. People might wind up laughing at you instead of with you and you’ll never even know it’s happening.