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Russia Rewords Olympic Truce; Rita Ora’s Topless Tattoo

Russia Rewords Olympic Truce

It’s evident there’s been a lot going on behind the scenes over Russia’s anti-gay laws…and general attitude toward gays. Now they’ve agreed to reword the Olympic Truce statement.

Normally a symbolic and non-controversial resolution by the world body, this year’s “Olympic Truce” sparked a firestorm of criticism over Russia’s exclusion of sexual orientation. The proposed draft only mentioned “people of different age, sex, physical capacity, religion, race and social status.”

Normally, sexual orientation is not included, however, with the spotlight on Russia’s anti-gay law, and so much going on with equal rights and LGBT people all over the world, UN representatives have been urging Russia to include something about sexual orientation this time.

You can read more here.

Rita Ora’s Topless Tattoo

Rita Ora just got a tattoo of a topless woman. I don’t have any tattoos, and never wanted anything that permanent on my body. However, I’ve been a fan of those who have good tattoos, and good tattoo artists, for a long time. I knew a few in New Hope who were truly artists and did all of their tattoos freehand. It’s amazing to watch, and doesn’t look as painful as you hear it is.

McCurdy told E! News that Ora’s ink is “the most detailed tattoo” he’s ever done on a celebrity, adding that it’s a “realistic version of a Vargas painting of a pinup girl.”

You can read more here, and see photos of Ora’s tattoo. It’s very bold and very attractive.