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Fred Karger’s TV Commercial

In the commercial, Fred Karger is wondering if we’re fed up with the Republican party. I changed the title from the way it read on youtube.

And this is because I’m actually fed up with all politics these days…with both parties, across the board. Our leaders aren’t acting in the best interests of the people anymore, they can’t seem to get a grasp on the concept of bipartisanship, and the only ones who seem to be benefiting from our politicians are large banks and corporations who continue to slam us with high interest rates, unfair surcharges, and more red tape than even they know what to do with. I was speaking with a real estate friend this past weekend about the problems in getting mortgages. This alone is frustrating when you consider the corruption that’s still going on. I could list everything item by item. But that would take too long.

Below is an interesting TV commercial by the Fred Karger campaign. He’s openly gay and running for President. What he’s saying resonates with me, as an Independent voter, to a certain extent. But what I really want to hear is that the next person who sits down in the oval office will be focusing on the people who need it the most, not the people making millions of dollars a year who screwed everything up in the first place. And so far, I haven’t heard anyone say this at all.