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Release Day: In Their Prime by Ryan Field; Hunky Jesus In San Francisco; RuPaul On the Purpose of Drag

Release Day: In Their Prime by Ryan Field

Here’s my newest release, In Their Prime. This is a gay romance that covers the lives of two young men who meet and fall in love in graduate school. The story follows them from their early 20s right up to their late 30s. It’s not an erotic romance, but it is a romance. I would consider it PG-rated, without any explicit sex scenes at all. I just didn’t think this book called for sex scenes. In this case, I think explicit sex scenes would have made the book too long and drawn out. As it stands, it’s a 90,000 word full length novel, and I had to cut it down from 150,000 words.

So here’s the blurb, and I’ve posted the cover and the links below. I’ll post more links as they go live.

In Their Prime, a 90,000 word gay romance novel, follows the lives and loves of two talented gay men who meet at the storied Iowa Writers’ Workshop in their early 20’s. They start out as accidental roommates and passionate lovers, and move through the beginning of their lives as haplessly as everyone else. Ethan is the ambitious, aggressive writer whose only goal is to write trashy fiction that he can sell to the masses, while Travis spends his time working on gay literary novels that give him prestige, but little money and fame. And when both men clash, the heartache is almost too much to handle. 

Over the course of two decades they both choose different paths, but their bond is never broken. It takes years to realize what they’ve won and lost, and they finally reach a point where they both have to face reality in ways neither of them expected. As some of their brightest dreams are realized, and some are painfully lost, will they ever find a way to come together? Or will they continue to ignore the only thing that’s kept them going all this time?

In Their Prime by Ryan Field


Hunky Jesus In San Francisco
I hope no one is offended by this. I think it’s meant to be taken lightly. But if you are offended, join the crowd. Everyone seems to be getting offended about something these days. So you’re not alone. I don’t take things like this seriously, and I’m not by any means an atheist. I like to think Jesus has a sense of humor, too. And if he doesn’t, we’re probably all in a lot of trouble. 
With that said…
For the 38th year in a row, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence preached to a crowd of more than a thousand people on Easter Sunday in Golden Gate Park. This year’s celebration included plenty of hotties and holy water, plus sexy male bunnies, colorful Easter ladies, and a not-so-PG exorcism on a Donald Trump doppelgänger.
RuPaul On the Purpose of Drag
Speaking of taking things lightly, it looks as if RuPaul nailed this one. It’s about as plain and simple as it can get. 
 “Drag has always served a purpose. The purpose is to remind people to not take themselves too seriously. We mock identity. A lot of people get angry… Identity is not to be taken seriously. We show people we’re shape shifters. We are God in drag. That’s our role — is to remind people of that.”
Again, pay attention to this, because if you’re taking yourself too seriously you might want to rethink that for your own sake. 

Glee’s Mark Salling and Child Porn; The PC Police and Gay Passwords; Chelsea Manning Throws Shade At Caitlyn Jenner

Glee’s Mark Salling and Child Porn

I never watched Glee so I don’t know who Mark Salling is, however, this has been making news all week. I’ve seen him but never paid much attention.

Glee actor Mark Salling has been arrested for child pornography, TMZ reports.
The site reports that the LAPD’s Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force obtained a search warrant for his Sunland home on Tuesday (December 29) and found hundreds of images on the 33-year-old actor’s computer.
The PC Police and Gay Passwords
There is a romance author…not a m/m romance author; this one is mainstream romance…who posts the most PC nonsense on Twitter I have ever seen. She has this demure Cheshire cat Avi, she seems to know EVERYTHING, and she’s usually protected by a bunch of other minion PC officers. If you dare to even joke about anything they go on the attack faster than you can tweet about kittens. 
So this article made me smile. It’s about how “offended” PC straight people get when they see gay passwords that aren’t PC enough.
But the headache persists for one UK woman, who was outraged when she arrived at her elderly mother’s house for Christmas and discovered Virgin Media had set her up with an easier-to-remember, albeit potentially-offensive, password.

“Completely disgusted that my elderly mother has her Virgin wifi installed with THIS as her password?!” the woman tweeted with a photo of the password “gayfkers.”

Seems more profane than offensive to us, but it still might be a bit much for dear old gran.
You can read the rest here. The opinions vary, but many seem to think the reaction was exaggerated. 
I have been through this time and again with the PC police with regard to my own books…and I’M GAY.
Chelsea Manning Throws Shade At Caitlyn Jenner
I have a feeling Chelsea Manning is doing the clickbait thing here…trying to get much needed attention. I could be wrong, but only time will tell. The fact is that Caitlyn Jenner is a hot commodity right now and she gets attention without even trying very hard. 

In a tweet dated December 25, the transgender prisoner went on a tirade about Caitlyn Jenner, writing, “In 2015 @Caitlyn_Jenner ws the grinch who stole (& sold out) the trans movement. All I want 4 Xmas is Universal Trans Lib. #ChristmasEve2015”:

You can read more here about Manning and prison. There’s also a mention of Britt Midler’s nasty tweet about Caitlyn.  I didn’t even know Britt was going after Jenner. She should stick to singing Christmas songs.

When A Man Loves A Man

Glendora Hill Series


Leaving the Mormon Church; Fired Gay Priest No Regrets; Evan Davis Too Old For Kids

Leaving the Mormon Church

I’ve been following this on social media all week and I have to admit that I’m surprised to see so many people rebelling this way. You just don’t usually see that kind of revolt with religion.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints could lose hundreds of its faithful because of a new plan not to baptize the children of same-sex parents. According to CNN, many plan to officially resign from the church tomorrow, 15 November.

‘The fact that it affects children really upset people,’ Utah attorney Mark Naugle said to CNN. ‘Most people are disaffected from the church already and this was the final straw.’

It still remains to be seen if this revolt will accomplish any changes for the better. After all, organized religion is based on controlling the people to a certain extent and they don’t like it when there’s a revolt.

I wish Catholics would take heed because I’d like to see them revolt this same way, especially with respect to how women are treated in the Catholic Church. What usually happens is people revolt quietly and start dropping out little by little.

You can read the rest here. 

Fired Gay Priest No Regrets

I’m always stating here on the blog that coming out isn’t easy for anyone. It’s hell for most. But I also say I’ve never once heard someone who came out claim they regret doing it. And this is another story that can back me up.

Former high-ranking Catholic priest Krzysztof Charamsa, who was defrocked after publicly revealing that he is gay, has said that he has no regrets doing so.

The Polish-born 43-year-old had a long career as a priest that included 12 years as an official in the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the Vatican’s doctrinal enforcement body.

Here’s the rest. I lost touch with the two high ranking Catholic priests I once knew who were living double lives. They were really very nice guys. They were just your average gay couple here in New Hope part of the time, and the rest of the time they were high ranking bishops in direct contact with Rome. But their separate/double lives NEVER intersected, at least not until they sold their home in New Hope and their real names became public record.

Evan Davis Too Old For Kids

Evan Davis of BBC’s Newsnight is speaking candidly about fatherhood.

The 53-year-old radio and TV presenter met his partner, landscape architect Guillaume Baltz, 48, in 2002. They have been in a civil partnership for the past two years.

‘We’re probably too old to think about children — maybe 20 years ago, if we were younger, it would be different.

‘There’s much more around in terms of gay parenting now than there was when I was about 35, but what can we do now?’

Instead of children, Evans said that he and his husband considered themselves daddies to their two-year-old dog, Mr Whippy.

There’s more here.

Tony always felt the need to have kids more than I did…but not strongly enough to really push the matter because I most likely would have given in at some point. We’ve been together since 1992, since we were in our early 20’s, and back then having kids really wasn’t part of the discussion for most gay men. But I also think that age is relative when it comes to having kids…or adopting an older child…and 53 isn’t too old to adopt a child five years old, or older. The fact is a lot of straight people I know are waiting to have kids well into their forties.

Fangsters: Book 2

Gang Bang Fangsters