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Music Celebrating Gay "Married" Long-time Seniors; Chadwick Moore and Tucker Carlson; 9 Eligible Gay Bachelors

Music Celebrating Gay Long-time “Married” Seniors

This article I’m linking to is titled, New Music Video Celebrates Seniors In Long-Term Relationships, and that bothered me. Maybe I’m being too OCD about this, but I changed my title to gay married seniors. And that’s because I know a lot of gay seniors who have been together for years who just got legally married, but they all considered themselves “married” prior to the legalization of same sex marriage. And I’m tired of that old time term “long-term relationship.” We’re allowed to get married now. They could have at least put “married” in quotes.

I think the main reason why I feel this way is because I recently lost a very good friend to cancer. It happened fast. He was diagnosed in late November, started chemo in December, and was gone by the week before Christmas. That fast. And he was only 65. When I read his obituary it stunned me a little to see that someone had written that he and his “life partner” had been together for 35 years. They were married. I sent them flowers, and I know for certain they were married. They were husband and husband. So why didn’t it say that he and his “husband” were together for 35 years?

In any event, I see this a lot in the gay community and I just don’t understand it. I don’t think I know any gay couples who have been together for years who haven’t gotten legally married. But here’s a video that does celebrate gay couples who’ve been together for the long run.

 That changed Tuesday morning, when LA-based songwriter Tom Goss released his new video for “More Than Temporary,” a reverb-drenched ballad that abandons subtly in favor of unabashed sentimentality.

You can check that out here. It’s a great video. Someone left a great comment at the bottom.

Chadwick Moore and Tucker Carlson

I hate posting these things because I don’t like pundits of any kind. But it’s news, and it’s out there. I know people on social media who might find it interesting. But more important, I don’t want to be that gay person who is incapable of being tolerant of everyone’s opinion, and who goes on vituperative rants screaming intolerance. Objectivity is important in life. Without any objectivity at all, the best we could ever hope for would be idiocy.

In any event, here’s one of the things Moore said…

The other thing I see a lot is gay presses writing articles about gay men getting caught with “married” men. The implication is that the “married” man is hetero and he’s married to a woman. They never take into consideration that WE can get married now, too.

You can read the rest here. Oh, there are comments, you can be sure.

9 Eligible Gay Bachelors

This is nice to see. They’re using the word bachelor to describe gay men now…as in gay bachelor, not straight unmarried men.

And look who made the list…

(Colton) Haynes outed himself in 2016, and since then, one of the hottest men on TV has become a lust object for, well, pretty much everyone. His sincere social media posts don’t hurt his appeal either. The star of popular shows like Teen Wolf and Arrow, Haynes’ began his career as a model for the obvious reasons. He recently purchased a gorgeous pad in the Hollywood Hills, igniting media speculation that the actor might have a more serious relationship on the horizon. Though recently more forthright about his personal life, Haynes still prefers to keep his dating life more private, though he did recently add that since coming out, he feels the happiest he ever has.

You can check the rest out here.

Cage James
by Ryan Field

Customer Review:  “Well written and clever!”

Republican Governor In Mass Signs Trans Rights Bill; John Barrowman and Threats In Montreal; High School Basketball Coach Secretly Films Dudes Showering

Republican Governor In Mass Signs Trans Rights Bill

Republican Governor Charlie Baker of Massachusetts recently signed a pro trans rights bill that will help stop LGBT discrimination.

‘No one should be discriminated against in Massachusetts because of their gender identity,’ Baker, a Republican, said in a statement.

The Massachusetts House of Representatives passed the bill last month after a version had already been passed by the State Senate. 

There’s more here.

There are only two comments, both seem to be spam bots.

John Barrowman and Threats In Montreal

Evidently, John Barrowman canceled an event planned for today in Montreal and they’re blaming it on an “unspecified” threat.

‘This morning an email was sent that directly referenced me and in light of recent events, I’ve decided to take the advice of my management, and family, as they were concerned for my safety,’ the out actor wrote on Facebook.

‘We are working with the convention to arrange for security that not only keeps me safe, but also all of you who come to see me,’ he continued. ‘I’m really sorry I have had to cancel my panel, and photo ops, this weekend. I will be signing later today once security has been arranged. Please check with the promoter, and social media, for updates on where and when I will be signing.’ 

You can read the rest here. I rarely mention it, but the main reason why I use comment moderation is because of threats I’ve received. They don’t bother me too much anymore. I’m used to it. But I don’t want my readers to be distressed with things like that. It’s just not a positive thing to see, so I keep it to myself.

We travel up to northern Vermont a few times a year, which is on the US/Canada border, and it’s only miles from Montreal. It seems like the safest place in the universe to me.  

High School Basketball Coach Secretly Films Dudes Showering

This is pretty creepy.

 A high school boys’ basketball coach has been charged for filming players on the team taking showers in the locker room.

Zachary Patrick Roberts, 28, who was a coach at the Janesville-Waldorf-Pemberton High School in Minnesota is facing multiple charges for his alleged use of a pen-camera to record naked boys in the school’s locker room.

Here’s the rest. I hate to see kids being used and exploited this way.


The Arrangement

Gay Log Cabin and Trump; Gay Woman Lost Her Music Career; Vintage Men In Loin Cloths

Gay Log Cabin and Trump

For those who might not know, the Log Cabin is a political organization for LGBT people that supports Republicans. It’s been around for a long time. I remember an attorney friend of mine was having fundraisers for Log Cabin events back in the 90s in Philadelphia and in New Hope.  

In any event, here’s what they think of Trump.

‘He will be the most gay-friendly Republican nominee for president ever,’ said Gregory Angelo said, president of the group.

In a separate blog post, however, he questions Trump’s stance on gay marriage, which has been unclear over the course of his presidential campaign.

Angelo writes: ‘All over the place – that’s the only way to describe Donald Trump’s stance on marriage equality.’

You can read the rest here.

Gay Woman Lost Her Music Career

If you’ve ever wondered why celebrities and people who depend on mainstream audiences (even writers and literary agents) don’t come out, here’s a good reason. It’s about what happened to Vicky Beeching after she came out.

Beeching grew up in Kent, England. Raised by a strongly religious family, she began writing songs for her church when just 13.

She enjoyed a successful recording career as a writer and singer of Christian-themed rock and pop, and relocated to the US in her 20s, where she routinely performed in front of thousands in mega-churches across the country.

Then, in 2014, she made the decision to come out. Her announcement sent shock waves through the US Christian community and she received condemning messages from scores of people who had previously been fans of her music.

Here the rest. 

She lost her career and her friends because she came out. It’s a reality only gay people can understand. 

Vintage Men In Loin Clothes

I love these vintage art photos. I think a lot has to do with the photographer, however, I even like the bad ones…because they’re vintage.

Loin cloths. What’s not to love about them? Not only are they sporty and fun and leave little to the imagination, but they’re super practical, keeping a guy both cool and comfortable on hot summer days. If you ask us, there needs to be a movement to bring back the loin cloth. Who’s on board?

You can check them all out here. I think it’s SFW. 

The Arrangement

Gay Christian Rock Star; GOP super PAC Gay Rights; Pregnant Man; Most Transphobic Article Ever;

Gay Christian Rock Star

A gay Christian rock star who recently came out claims she tried all kinds of outrageous things to help cure her of being gay. When you read about some of the hell she put herself through because she thought she was a sinner, you’ll sit there gaping. However, as extreme as this is, I think we can all relate to this in one way or another. If there’s one thing I’ve never seen it’s a gay man or woman who came out with a great big smile and said, “That was so easy.”

It was torture.

Now, Christian musician Vicky Beeching wants her fans to know the truth about who she really is—and perhaps, inspire some to reexamine their convictions.

“I’m gay,” the songstress said. “What Jesus taught was a radical message of welcome and inclusion and love. I feel certain God loves me just the way I am.”

This is the type of thing I’ve been hoping to see happen. Trust me on this, she’s not the only gay Christian and I have feeling we’ll be hearing about a lot more in the future.

You can read more here.

 GOP super PAC Gay Rights

Although I’ve never been political, as a long time blogger I find these things interesting from a human interest POV. Especially these days where I see so much hate coming from both sides of the political spectrum on social media…and it’s not always about LBGTI issues. So when I see an article like this one, a piece that talks about how there’s a GOP super PAC spending time and money to help gay rights issues move forward, I think it’s not only important to post about it as information, but also interesting to examine from a cultural POV. I hear a lot of talk about breaking gay stereotypes and this one sure does it.

 A Republican group tied to hedge fund billionaire Paul Singer plans to spend at least $2 million up to Election Day to boost congressional candidates who share its views in favor of gay rights.

This is interesting, too.

“For many years, there’s been a huge fear from Republican elected officials that if they showed courage on issues like this, would they be able to survive politically?” Cook-McCormac said.

“What American Unity PAC is committed to doing is ensuring that as these courageous elected officials follow their conscience and do the right thing, that there is a political network in place that’s there to defend them.”

As I said, I’m not very political and I don’t know where something like this will lead. But I’m not all that shocked to read about it either. I know more than a few LGBTI Republicans…all closeted Republicans (out as gays) and terrified to actually admit it aloud for fear of the backlash they might have to deal with from others in the LGBTI community.

Not only are we living in interesting times, the times continue to change when we least expect them to.

You can read more here. Are they using us…the gay vote? I’m not sure about that yet. Breaking stereotypes about the gay vote hasn’t been discussed anywhere yet as far as I know.

Pregnant Man

The world’s first pregnant man is now allowed to divorce his wife. Prior to that, another ruling stated he was in a same sex marriage and couldn’t file for divorce. A judge stated that because he was a trans man and able to give birth he was in a same sex union, which are banned in Arizona.

Then this happened:

However, a three-judge panel of the Arizona Court of Appeals overturned the decision, concluding that Beatie’s marriage was not a same-sex union and is thus considered valid in the state.
David Michael Cantor, Beatie’s attorney, welcomed the decision, saying: ’The state of Arizona has officially recognised him as a man and that his marriage was valid, and because his marriage was valid, his kids were born in wedlock, which is important to him.

You can read more here. He obviously identifies as a man, and lives his life as a man. Good for him. But I’m now wondering if this means that all trans people who marry non-trans people of the opposite sex will be considered legally married? Feel free to comment on this one…or e-mail me in private.

Most Transphobic Article Ever

I hate to see that transgender people are having such hard times these days, but I’m also glad these issues are at least making news. Up until recently, anything trans related would have been ignored…or at best, buried. In this case the link is talking about Gavin McInnes and his alleged transphobic article pubbed on Thought Catalogue.

McInnes, who also co-founded online magazine Vice, wrote a piece entitled ‘Transphobia is Perfectly Natural’, in which he justifies bigotry against the trans community by claiming tolerance is ‘sexist, misandrist, homophobic, and further damages the lives of the mentally ill.’

 In the article, he says: ‘Of course it’s fucking unusual. We’re all transphobic… They are mentally ill gays who need help, and that help doesn’t include being maimed by physicians. These aren’t women trapped in a man’s body. They are nuts trapped in a crazy person’s body.

You can read more here. The article is being referred to as the most transphobic piece ever written. It’s probably one of the worst I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot from more than one wing nut like McInnes. I hope no one pays attention to him.

As a result, McInnes has left Rooster in what’s being called an indefinite leave of absence.

The Sheriff and the Outlaw
by Ryan Field

Republican & Gay Marriage; Hollywood Fails Gays; Nelsan Ellis Slams Luke Grimes

Republican & Gay Marriage

David Jolly is a freshman in the US House of Representatives from Florida and he’s publicly supporting gay marriage. He’s also a Republican, which for some reason this article seems to find fascinating.

‘I believe it is fully appropriate for a state to recognize both traditional marriage as well as same-sex marriage,’ Jolly, 41, said this week as he spoke about a recent judicial ruling that made same-sex marriage legal in Florida’s Monroe County.

 ‘ … As a matter of Constitutional principle, I believe in a form of limited government that protects personal liberty,’ Jolly said. ‘To me, that means that the sanctity of one’s marriage should be defined by their faith and by their church, not by their state.’

You can read more here, where there’s an interesting note about Jolly’s personal life.

I’m not really surprised at the tone of this article. It seems to suggest that all Republicans are anti-gay and anti-gay marriage and I think that’s because it’s not from a US publication. The fact is that there are gay Republicans and Republicans who do support gay marriage, and it’s more common than most would imagine. In recent years many Americans from both parties have felt the need to go silent with regard to politics because they fear backlash from the loudest voices/bullies from both extremes. I think that’s going to come to an end in the future.

Hollywood Fails Gays

Speaking of loud left wing liberal politics, the irony of this next link is interesting because it claims that ultra pro-gay Hollywood has failed in the way it portrays gays in films. The survey was done by GLAAD. They covered the seven largest studios in 2013. There were 102 releases, and only 17 LGBTI characters. According to this survey, not one gay character was a lead. As a side note, I often look at Tony while I’m scrolling through on demand and wonder why there is only one gay film, hidden in the indie section, that I had to find out about on social media. And it’s usually not a very good film.

‘The lack of substantial LGBT characters in mainstream film, in addition to the outdated humor and stereotypes suggests large Hollywood studios may be doing more harm than good when it comes to worldwide understanding of the LGBT community,’ said GLAAD’s CEO and President Sarah Kate Ellis.

 ‘These studios have the eyes and ears of millions of audience members, and should reflect the true fabric of our society rather than feed into the hatred and prejudice against LGBT people too often seen around the globe.’

I’ve been saying basically the same thing since I started blogging. This is one reason why I sometimes parody heteronormative films in books, with gay characters. Time and again, it’s fail, fail, fail for Hollywood. And if they do get it right, they fail in other ways…like Matt Damon joking around about how weird it was to kiss a guy (and to get paid quite well to do that). Not all do this. Actors like Trevor Donovan play gay roles, do it well, and with respect. They make it look simple. But unfortunately, Donovan and the others aren’t in the majority.

The same thing could be said about books and the publishing industry, which is one of the main reasons why I have always been pro m/m romance. In the m/m romance genre things aren’t always perfect, but most of the time the authors (and the readers) get it right. I also think this is why the genre continues to grow. But I don’t want to get off topic. This is about films.

You can read more here. The bigger question for me is why do we, as gays (and those who support us), continue to take this? If they aren’t exploiting us for monetary gain, they are examining us as if we’re lab rats. If they aren’t treating us as if we’re pet poodles, they are patronizing us and portraying us as heteronormative clones. And we…I include myself in this because I’m just as guilty…take it each time.

Nelsan Ellis Slams Luke Grimes

Finally, someone is speaking up and not letting “them” get away with it. I’m talking about Nelsan Ellis from True Blood. He plays Lafayette, the gay character on the show that was supposed to have a gay storyline with Luke Grimes this season. I posted about Luke Grimes allegedly quitting when he found out about the impending gay storyline. And now Ellis is speaking about Grimes and the situation for the first time in public.

‘I just think that, you’re an actor, you’re an actor on a show that’s True Blood, we’re all sitting there going, “You quit your job because … really?”

I’m just… I’m over him,’ Ellis tells Vulture. While a spokesman for Grimes said the departure was over the actors’ feature film schedule, HBO has maintained it was over the creative direction of the character. Says Ellis: ‘You quit your job because you don’t want to play a gay part? …

You have to be open. But more importantly, you make a statement when you do something like that.

You can read more of what he has to say with this link.

Stay tuned for Grimes’ reply, which I’m sure will come very soon.

Small Town Romance Writer
by Ryan Field


Author Social Media; Republican Joins GLAAD; The Christian Baker

Author Social Media

Here’s an article that talks about how authors should use social media. I cross-posted it earlier today on social media and I got around to reading it a few minutes ago and wanted to mention a few things.

First, they talk about Goodreads. (This social media outlet always conjures up the most interesting conversation between authors.)

Goodreads has more than 20 million members and is THE site for authors.

I don’t totally agree with that. I thought Goodreads was for readers, so that readers could discuss books and authors and interact with each other without authors jumping into the forum. When I go to Goodreads I go as a reader to leave reviews. I rarely check out my own reviews. I do link the blog to Goodreads and I do think it’s important to have a presence on GR, however, I’ve never thought that GR was THE site for authors. It’s more for readers and if you aren’t aware of that you might wind up in the middle of the surprise shitstorm of your life.

In any event, the first paragraph goes on to mention other social media like Twitter and Facebook, and then later there are more details and explanations.

But I did find a few things I wanted to comment on.

You want to interact mainly with READERS, NOT writers.

In a general sense this is true…to a certain extent. I didn’t always understand this myself and I thought my goal was to interact with readers only. But the truth is that there’s only so much interaction you can do with readers before you cross the invisible line, and I’ve also learned that by interacting with other authors that I’ve read and I like we develop a sense of loyalty and help each other get information out to readers. It’s not like a street team and it’s not something we talk about behind the scenes…we don’t actually plan it. We just try to get information out to readers through social media without becoming pests. I just deleted an e-mail from an author I know announcing that she has a new blog post. She’s not a huge author or a big blogger. Unfortunately, this author thinks she’s too grand for facebook or twitter like the rest of us and now she’s spamming us with e-mails about her blog posts. That’s a huge negative and it took one second to delete it.

But not everything in this article is off base. I did find a few positive things and I still think it’s worth reading if you’re new and you don’t know much about social media. It even goes on to mention Anne R. Allen, a blogger and author I’ve mentioned here before who gives some excellent advice. Allen has a gift and I’ve never seen anything on her blog I disagree with.

I think the other thing to really understand is that it takes time to learn how to use social media and you have to learn how to have fun with it. If you’re forcing yourself to do it that’s how it’s going to look.

You can read the entire piece in full here.

Republican Joins GLAAD

Meghan McCain, a Republican pundit and daughter of a Republican, Senator John McCain, recently joined the board of directors for GLAAD. Meghan McCain is a gay woman. She’s also one of the new breed of Republicans to break tradition on social issues.

‘For years, Meghan McCain has lent her voice and platform to spreading messages of acceptance across party lines,’ said GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis.

‘Now, as the American south and our heartland move closer to LGBT equality, it’s critical that we continue to build the bridges that unite us in our common ground – whether you’re republican or democrat, gay or straight.’

Meghan McCain’s mother, Cindy McCain, is a gay activist and she actually posed for a same sex marriage campaign.

You can read more here.

It almost sounds as if being gay is not going to continue to be a partisan issue for long.

The Christian Baker

I’ve posted about these overly religious Christian bakers who think they are the only Christians in the world…as if they actually discovered Christianity. Several have refused to bake gay wedding cakes for same sex couples claiming it violates their right to religious freedom. Each time, courts have ruled against them because it’s not legal to discriminate. The ironic part is that these rulings are helping these bakers and they don’t even get it. Suppose a gay baker refused to make a cake for a straight Christian wedding. The gay baker wouldn’t win that one in court either.

In 2012, Jack Philips, the owner of Masterpiece Cake shop in Lakewood, Colorado, refused to sell a wedding cake to a gay couple David Mullins and Charlie Craig.

This week (30 May), Colorado’s Civil Rights Commission ruled the move was discriminatory and he must serve wedding cakes to all customers in his shop regardless of their sexual orientation.

The baker says he will continue to refuse to bake gay wedding cakes until someone shuts him down.

I still think my original idea should be taken into consideration. Let him refuse to bake gay wedding cakes. But force him to put up a huge sign in his front window that states this in public…”I Will Not Bake Gay Wedding Cakes Because I Believe in Discrimination and I’m Above the Law.” This way his religious convictions are not compromised and everyone knows where he stands, in public, and they can either support him or let him go out of business on his own. With more gay men and women coming out it’s going to be hard to find someone in the US who isn’t related to a gay person, friends with a gay person, or directly linked to a gay person in one way or another.

More here.

Getting Over a Breakup; Justin Beiber Donates to HIV; Young Republicans Split from GOP

Justin Beiber Donates to HIV

After watching The Normal Heart last night and seeing how hard it was back in the 1980’s to get anyone with a voice and power to support anything AIDS related, it’s interesting to see how so much has changed. A lot of this has to do with celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor who was one of the first to speak up about AIDS, and for a while the only one. Since then support has continued, with celebrities like Justin Beiber who recently donated $545,000 for AIDS research.

Organizers were floored by the offer and double-checked with Bieber to make sure he was serious about the donation, which he confirmed he was.

However Bieber couldn’t wait to take part in a lavish banquet that was part of the event and reportedly ordered a meal off the hotel’s kids menu before the banquet was served.

You can read more here, and please refrain from any negative Justin Beiber comments. Unless, of course, you plan to match Beiber’s donation with either your time or money.

Getting Over a Breakup

I have a few friends getting over breakups right now and I thought I’d post about these five tips that might help. In some cases it’s not the first breakup, but to be honest I’m not sure a first, second, or whatever the number is can be any better or worse. If anything, I think breakups are harder as we get older.

In any event, here’s one of the five tips:

• Cry Baby, Cry! If you learned nothing else from breaking free from the closet, remember that bottled up emotions and pent up anxiety didn’t make you gay; it only prevented you from being your true gay self. This is also true for pretending that your first same-sex breakup doesn’t suck. Who are you kidding and pretending to be? That didn’t work when you were in the closet so why should it work now that you’re learning the ins and outs of LGBT relationships? Let those tears and emotions flow. Without the release of emotions, you’ll walk into another damn closet with a whole new set of dark corners and hidden fears that will not serve you well. A whole string of guys broke my heart; the hot Brit, the suave Hollywood film guy and a slew of formerly straight divorced dads-with kids (in other words, men just like me). But every tear I shed made me stronger and allowed me to love with self-respect. I come first, they come second.

My only comment is that you should get it all out in the beginning. But don’t keep harping about it forever. I had one friend who broke up with his partner of five years and we all felt terrible for him and we supported him every way we could. But after a year or two he didn’t stop talking about it, complaining about it, and obsessing about it. It reached a point where he was difficult to be around. Don’t become the person who never stops talking about his or her ex. Move forward.

You can read more here.

Young Republicans Split from GOP

The main reason I’m posting about this is because part of the reason why young Republicans are at odds with the GOP is gay marriage and other LGBTI issues. If I understand this correctly, the young Republicans (and gay Republicans) are fiscally conservative but socially liberal. But don’t quote me on that. A lot of this is still evolving and no one is sure what to think at this point.

The group illustrates a growing generational divide in the GOP as younger Republicans increasingly break rank from the establishment on social issues. In Alabama, a college Republican group leader was nearly kicked out of the party for supporting gay marriage. The successful push to legalize gay marriage in Minnesota was backed by several prominent younger Republicans. And in Colorado, the spokesman for a group that pushed to legalize marijuana was a Republican activist. Perhaps only in opposing abortion are most young Republicans nationally as conservative socially as older members.

“We’ve grown up in a time where everything’s much more open. We want to talk about more things,” Tampa Bay Young Republicans president Anibal Cabrera said. “We’re willing to listen to the other point of view. We’re willing to have an opposite opinion.”

You can read it in full here. The article goes on to mention how Republicans run the risk of losing these younger people if they don’t begin to change their platform. It’s an interesting article, especially if you’ve always believed in the strong political divide between Democrats and Republicans. I think most of us always think of it as more black white. Evidently, there are a lot of gray areas popping up for reasons I’m not sure I fully understand yet.

Chase of a Holy Ghost