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Fred Karger Files Discrimination Complaint Against CPAC

As I’ve stated before, when I post this info I’m doing it objectively, so no political attacks. I really am an independent voter and I don’t always follow partly lines in one direction or the other.

But I do think Fred Karger is making history this year. And I want to post about him because no one else seems to be doing this. I could list a variety of reasons why I think this is, but I’ll stick to the facts and let Fred do his thing.

For those who don’t know, Fred Karger is openly gay and he’s trying to run for President on the Republican ticket. But it’s been tricky at best, and this is partly because the mainstream media won’t even mention his name. As far as I know, this is, indeed, considered making history. I don’t know of any other openly gay people who have run for President on the Republican ticket. And in spite of what we often hear from mainstream media, there are a lot more conservative gay men and women than we are led to believe.

Here’s the latest e-mail I received from Fred Karger’s campaign staff:

It was a very busy five days in Washington. We had lots of meetings, interviews, food and met lots of amazing people. Three of those days were at the American Conservative Union’s (ACU) annual conference – CPAC. About 50% of CPAC attendees are under 30. This younger half is there to hear about balancing the federal budget, foreign policy, national defense and to hear a variety of speakers. Divisive social issues are of little or no interest. The organizers and mega financial backers sadly have a different view.

For the second year in a row I was denied a speaking slot at CPAC, as well as a booth at its trade show. I applied for the booth way back in November, but they were mysteriously “sold out,” just like last year. I was the only Republican candidate for President who was not allowed to speak.

When I am denied my rights, I fight back. Ten days before the conference I filed a discrimination complaint against the ACU. Here is a story in BuzzFeed about it:

Friday was our first meeting with the lead attorney at the DC Office of Human Rights, which is charged with combating discrimination anywhere in Washington, DC. The “Intake Hearing” went well and we will know soon if we will go directly into mediation with CPAC officials. Here’s another article from buzzfeed.

I hope to end Chairman Al Cardenas’ “no gays allowed” policy at CPAC. If they refuse to change their bigoted ways, next year they may well be forced to move to a state that does not have any discrimination laws.

We will keep you posted as the case moves forward.

And I’ll continue to update as I receive e-mails. At the very least, I would imagine the LGBT community is more than interested in learning more about an openly gay candidate running for President, at least from a historical POV.