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Erotic Cuban Men; Prison Themed Pride Party Slammed; Boner Photos; Gay Republican Poll

Erotic Cuban Men

There’s a highly artistic photo series of Cuban men by Kobi Israel titled, Love Stories, Cuba. Israel is referring to it as a “visual travelogue,” and says this:

“I explored notions of the macho and the masculine/militant versus the homoerotic in revolutionary Cuba,” Israel explains, describing photography as “detective work” to “explore the subconsciousness of emotional and philosophical queries.”

Israel took the time to get to know each subject personally.

You can read more here and see some of the images created. The only way I can describe them is that they are different from what you normally see in the sense that the environments in which they’re photographed are almost as significant at the models themselves.

If you appreciate men, and the male form as art, this one is for you.

Prison Themed Pride Party

This next link is interesting because it actually calls attention to the PC police in the very beginning, and in a very snarky way. is allegedly being slammed for planning a party for gay men, about gay men, for gay men to enjoy, with a prison fantasy theme. In other words, it’s a small part of what is and always has been gay culture. I thought I should make that point clear, being that so many don’t seem to think gay men deserve a culture anymore. What’s even more interesting is that not only are we fighting for equality with the most conservative, we’re also fighting for our identities with the most liberal. It’s an interesting place to be sometimes.

In short, the party is being called Prison of Love and it’s going to be held at an armory in San Francisco during pride. SF Pride has absolutely nothing to do with the event. It’s a private affair.  

Get incarcerated as The Armory Drill Court gets transformed into the world’s largest megaclub prison yard with thundering line array sound, full color lasers, hundreds of intelligent lights, moving truss, 3D-LED video walls, and the world famous production and performances of WE Party,, Club Universe, Masterbeat, FRESH SF and XOXO … Grab your spot on the bunkbed and party in the prison yard with hot inmates, guards, bad boys, bitches, and muscle boys! General Admission tickets include access to the main event area and WE Party Prison of Love. Bring a cellmate, share the love!

In spite of the fact that this is a private party, it didn’t stop a few activists from trying to ruin the fun/fantasy event from being held, including one writer at the never-ending online PC Police Station, Jezebel. This one tweeted:

Given the rates of incarceration amongst the LGBT+ community, specifically LGBT+ youth and LGBT+ individuals of color, this seems… well, like a really, really bad idea. Insensitive you might even say. Perhaps my favorite word of all: problematic.

Some have even gone so far as to say it glorifies prison rape. That’s right. Like we don’t know the difference between reality and fantasy and we need someone to point this out. CEO Peter Acworth replied with civility and reason. And, he’s agreed to tone down the marketing, which reminds me of this PC incident that happened recently within the m/m romance community about the way something was being marketed. In this case as well, it was fantasy, not reality. But some from the PC crowd didn’t like the marketing approach. This is also the same crowd that often practices the most offensive passive aggressive homophobia toward gay men (always gay men) I’ve seen anywhere on the Internet. But I digress.

You can read more here. The comments are, as usual, worth reading to see how some of the gay men feel about this.

Boner Display

I’m sure the PC police are loving this one. Vice online magazine has a photo series of boners…hard ones. But they seem to be SFW because you can’t really see flesh…it’s boner through pants, so to speak, not nude. Kind of crotch-watching of sorts.

The anonymous and visibly aroused models are styled to represent a number of different dudes, from “The Skater” to “The Stoner,” “The Businessman” to “The Pool Boy,” and every “Boy Next Door” and “Boyfriend” in between. If you want to fall asleep reading how HuffPo thinks this is some scientific statement about and “male gaze,” or how Jezebel thinks this is about “female desire,” go ahead and click those links.

You can view some bone through pants here.

This is actually another photo series by Claire Milbrath and styled by Mila Franovic, titled, Groin Gazing.

You don’t want to miss the comments.

Gay Republican Poll

I posted about how the GOP is trying to promote politicians this fall who support gay rights earlier this week, and this next link talks about a poll taken that claims Republicans would vote for a gay candidate but would rather not have anyone in their family come out…as gay. I’m not sure I understand the reasoning.

However almost as many would be upset if they found out their own child was gay or lesbian, with 37% saying they would be ‘upset’ and 23% saying they would be ‘very upset.’

There are other statistics as interesting in the short piece, and you can read them here.

We obviously still have a long way to go.


The Sheriff and the Outlaw
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