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Rainbow Detective Agency Series

I don’t know why Amazon does this, but it happens all the time with publishers and with indie authors. They make it almost impossible to find a web page where the entire series is located for readers. It all has to do with search engines and it would take too long to explain, so here are links to books in The Rainbow Detective Agency that are now out in both digital and paperback. They are listed in order, but each book is a stand alone. The reason why Book 5 isn’t listed is because it’s a box set. Amazon…again.

The Rainbow Detective Agency Series:

The Rainbow Detective Agency – Book 1

The Rainbow Detective Agency – L’uomo Magico – Book 2

The Rainbow Detective Agency – A Guy With Two Penises – Book 3

The Rainbow Detective Agency – On Fleek – Book 4

The Rainbow Detective Agency – The Scottish Duke – Book 6

The Rainbow Detective Agency – The Wedding – Book 7

There are two more books in the series coming up very soon.

So They Call This Nonsense A Bromance

I think I might start a new regular feature here called stupid gay for you stuff. In fact, I think most gay for you is insulting. I wish I had more of a sense of humor with this one (or with anything gay for you), but it’s so staged and so painfully dumb it just leaves me wondering what kind of person does something like this. 

Professional wedding photos are fine — the happy couple, the dressy looks, the glimmer of hope that binding yourself to another person will bring you a lifetime of happiness and stop all those existential thoughts about death you’ve been having — they’re a perfectly functional way to mark the occasion.

But for one recent groom, John, capturing the love he had for his bride-to-be just wasn’t enough. The equation would have left out someone very important — his best man.

I gather it’s a parody of some kind. You can check it out for yourselves here.

The problem is I don’t think people are laughing with them. They’re laughing AT them…especially in many of the comments.

JT said…

Very distasteful. They make a mockery of true love between men. To them, it’s a hip game to laugh about.

Paints With His Penis

Now here’s something that did make me smile. Yes, it’s stupid, but it’s not insulting…even if he is a serious artist. This dude paints pictures with his penis.

He paints with his penis.

Fraser recently appeared on France’s Got Talent to show off his, for lack of a better word, talent, by penis-painting one of the show’s judges. Ballsy move!

We have to wonder if the other judges felt shafted.

You can see SFW shots of him painting with his penis here.  

I’m actually kind of curious about this from a strictly technical POV. I think a paint brush is at least eight inches long, if not longer. And I wonder how he cleans up afterward.

Gay Rape Survivor

There’s nothing funny about this. If you’re a gay man and you’ve been in any kind of compromising or threatening position you know what I’m talking about. I once went to a bar alone and this guy I thought was attractive in a rough trade sort  of way started coming on to me. At first, I liked him and I didn’t discourage him. He was bigger, stronger, older, and very confident. He kept calling me “blondie” and forcing me to sit on his lap. At first it seemed to be harmless. But as the night progressed he started getting more aggressive and I didn’t know what to do. And I mean creepy aggressive, not playful aggressive. There’s a difference. I finally said I was going to the bathroom, and then I took off out the back door and jumped into my car. Some people aren’t as lucky as I was.

In a powerful new essay published by The Independent, writer Dean Eastmond opens up about being raped three years.

Eastmond was 16 years old when the 2012 Olympic games took place in London.

“My quaint little hometown of Weymouth hosted the sailing events,” he recalls, “and I ended up as an Olympic attendant, serving food to athletes and their crews. Not a bad first job, I guess.”

During the course of the job, Eastmond befriended another guy who was a couple years older than him.

“We used to get the same bus into work each morning,” he writes. “He looked and acted like a nice enough guy. He was always smiling, and popular with our other colleagues. As a shy and closeted teenager, I looked up to him as a friend.”

You have to read this. What’s interesting is that in many of these rape cases the victim usually knows the rapist beforehand.  

I’m just glad someone’s talking about it. When the incident at the bar happened to me, even though I escaped without issue, I had no one to talk to about it.