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Trevor Donovan in Texas Rising May 25th; Tom Brady Sings About Balls; Gay Sex on the Subway

Trevor Donovan in Texas Rising

In about one week, the History Channel’s Texas Rising mini-series will air. Along with 90210 star, Trevor Donovan, the cast includes more than a few familiar names. As a fan of that era in American history I’ve been posting about it whenever I see something new come up.

Here’s a piece where they talk about George Strait and Kris Kristofferson doing the soundtrack. You can get that before the show even airs:

Boasting three new full songs and 25 instrumental pieces scored especially for the show, the soundtrack arrives at digital retailers on May 18th.

The series was shot on location in Durango, Mexico, like most feature films. Evidently, they are treating this like a feature film in many ways and it will be airing in theaters, too. I find that fascinating from a history of TV POV. Things have come a long way since the days when sitcoms were filmed with three cameras in a studio. 
The miniseries was filmed in Mexico, requiring producers to rebuild the Alamo on a television set on the soil of the country that fought Texas nearly two centuries ago.
Here are 20 photos from the set of Texas Rising on I love that web site because it looks as if all photos are rights protected…no one can steal the images legally and reuse them again.
And last but not least, here’s a link to a web site where they focus on Trevor Donovan’s part in Texas Rising. He’s playing the part of Kit Acklin, Texas Ranger.
The project has an impressive cast, folks like Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Chad Michael Murray, Ray Liotta, Oliver Martinez, Max Thieriot (from Bates Motel), but we’re most interested in Trevor Donovan‘s participation (Donovan has been a favorite with TheBacklot readers since his days as Teddy Montgomery on 90210.
Texas Rising will premiere on May 25th, Memorial Day weekend. Here’s a link to the History Channel where there are several pages with photos, and even a contest. The infographic page is very interesting. My inner geek loves infographics.

Tom Brady Sings About Balls

Here’s a video where Tom Brady from the New England Patriots seems to be making a funny statement…about balls. This will take a sense of humor to check out.
New England Patriot quarterback Tom Brady may have just been suspended for four games without pay by the NFL, fined $1 million and taken away two draft picks as punishment for deflating footballs used in the AFC title game, but he’s still a winner in many ways. But before the news came down, the charismatic Brady expressed himself (and got song-ified in the process) to let fans know exactly how he feels about the balls he plays with and he doesn’t want anyone else touching them or rubbing them. To Brady, and to us, those balls are perfect and need to be squeezed.
I’m not getting into the back story about Brady. I think we all know what happened there with “deflategate.” 

You can check out the article and see the video of Tom Brady singing about balls, here.

And, here’s one about how he plans to appeal his suspension.

Gay Sex on the Subway

I’ve heard this dangerous brand of public sex is a big “thing.” I’ve seen links to it on twitter from porn sites I follow. But I never actually heard about anyone getting caught, and then arrested.

This happened:

Two young men have been arrested in Taiwan after a video of them engaging in oral sex on a subway car went viral on several adult websites.

The cellphone video, which runs for a total of one-minute and 18-seconds clip, depicts the men making out, jerking off, and giving blowies to one another on the train while another male passenger sits unknowingly in the background.

Here’s the rest of the article. Of course they do have a defense. I just can’t imagine doing anything THAT bold, on a subway, in public. I might write about it in fictions sometimes, but it’s fiction.

The Rainbow Detective Series

Here’s a link to where you can check out the first three books in The Rainbow Detective Series. I’ll be releasing the fourth book very soon. All of them can be read as stand alones.