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Hot Republican Gay Clerk In Texas; The "Was Jesus Gay" Insult; With Gay Marriage Still Not Easy

Hot Republican Clerk In Texas

There’s a Republican clerk in Texas who is issuing same sex marriage licenses, without a problem.

Get this: 

And brace yourselves…he’s “hot” and he’s a gay Republican. 

Meet Russ Towers. He’s the only openly gay county clerk in the entire state of Texas and the first out official in Lamar County. He’s also, wait for it, a Republican.


“I’m pretty sure there have been whispers behind my back,” he recently told the Texas Observer, “but one thing life has given me is very thick skin, and I’m not offended or my feelings don’t get hurt very easily.”

As I’ve always predicted on this blog, I think we’ll be hearing a lot more from gay Republicans now that SCOTUS has ruled on gay marriage.

And, he’s “hot.” There’s always that.

The “Was Jesus Gay” Insult

When I post links to things like this I like to make it clear this isn’t my opinion and it’s not something I would personally take seriously. In fact, even I find it insulting and I’m not all that religious.

With that said, there’s a “theologian” who thinks that Jesus was gay.

At the very least, Jesus was queer. He broke the rules of his culture, of heteronormativity. He subverted masculinities and gender codes in his culture. Queer doesn’t necessarily mean sexual orientation, but it can include that. St. Paul, I would say, would probably be described as a closeted homosexual today, but they didn’t have those words at the time.

I realize the article was meant to be humorous, but that doesn’t make it any better. I wouldn’t have done it.

You can read the rest here. 

With Gay Marriage Still Not Easy

Here are five reasons why it’s still difficult in the US for gay married couples even with the SCOTUS ruling last week. Five reasons that could be questioned in some cases.

 4. Marriage is much more public than you imagine. Thought that you’d just have a quiet little ceremony? Your marriage certificate is a matter of public record. Small town papers still often publish the names of everyone who has taken out a marriage license. It takes some looking to find the information, but it’s out there. And at least in the early days, you can count on some self-appointed defenders of the faith to be looking really hard for the first signs that their community is going to hell in a pink handbasket.

You can read this in Queerty, the gay “news” web site that will do anything to get a click. I actually think it’s fairly harmless…if you know you’re not supposed to be paying attention to it and taking it too seriously.

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