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Update: Fred Karger for President

For those who have been following my quasi political posts, here’s an update about Fred Karger, a gay Republican running for President. That’s right: he’s gay and Republican. Most of you probably don’t know there are a lot of “them” out there. You’re certainly not reading about it or hearing about it from the mainstream media…which I will talk about in another post.

I refer to my political posts as quasi because I vote independently and never follow any party lines. I’m not a political zealot. I like bipartisan candidates and people who can bring America together, not divide it. This is partly why I find Fred Karger extremely interesting in many ways. It’s not just because he’s the first openly gay Presidential candidate I’ve seen in my lifetime. If you read more about him you’ll see what I mean. It’s very interesting.

Here’s one of the regular e-mails I receive from his campaign:

This has been an exciting year.

Twenty-two months ago, Fred Karger began running for President of the United States. Since then, Fred has traveled from state-to-state laying out his independent vision and demonstrating that he is uniquely qualified to turn this country around.

And thanks to supporters like you, we’re ready to take on Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum and Michele Bachmann in 2012.

But before we can turn our attention to 2012, we need to finish 2011 the right way.

We are 48 hours away from a crucial fundraising deadline. It’s important that we end this year strong and head into the New Year with the funds necessary to continue to compete in the upcoming primaries and caucuses.

And here is a link to his web site, where you can read more about him or donate a small amount of money if you are so inclined.