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Straight Guys Going Gay

There’s a certain amount of reality with respect to straight guys going gay for the right gay guy. I think some gay guys might go straight for the right straight woman…Angelina Jolie. Nothing is so black and white it’s set in proverbial stone. That’s what this article is about…which gay men could turn a straight man gay.

We’ve heard that straight men are a lot more bisexual than you might think, and science has even tried to explain why so many straight dudes fantasize about having gay sex, but when it comes to hetero daydreams about a same-sex encounter, who tends to pop up naked?

Reddit user wienerjuice (yes, really) had the same question, and recently queried the horny straight guys of the world wide web with this simple question:

Men of Reddit. Who would you go gay for?

You can check out the answers here. I’m not sure how it happened but Ellen wound up on this list, too. I’d rather sleep with Oprah…or her best friend Gayle, than Ellen. 

Christians and Gay Kidnapping

Before I get into this I’d like to make it clear that when I refer to “Christians” I’m not talking about all Christians. I know this behavior is mostly coming from the most fundamental right, and I don’t like using ableist language which would be so easy to do in cases like this. So when I use the word Christian I’m not making a general statement.The word they use here is “churchgoer,” which is a broad one, too.

Matthew Fenner, a 21-year-old student, says his fellow churchgoers attempted to free him of his “homosexual demons” during a two-day assault that involved slapping, strangling, verbal assault, and threats of confinement. He also claims his story was not initially taken seriously by law enforcement and that it took several attempts to get a formal complaint filed over the incident, which he says occurred in January of 2013.

On Tuesday, a grand jury charged parishioners Justin Brock Covington, Brooke McFadden Covington, Robert Louis Walker Jr., and Adam Christopher Bartley with second degree kidnapping and simple assault charges, along with Sarah Covington Anderson, who was also charged with assault by strangulation.

The rest is here. I don’t think I need to comment on this one. I hope they send these churchgoers to prison and they rot there.

Nick Jonas Reveals His Gay Character

I didn’t even add this to the title of the post. Straight guy Nick Jonas has been gay-baiting this piece of crap for so long I don’t care and I’m not even going to mention it.

No link to this. I hope Jonas and his gay character do well together.

Gay Peter Pan Syndrome

Here’s an interesting discussion about the so-called gay Peter Pan syndrome. I’m not sure I totally agree with it, but there are a few interesting points and this topic seems to be everywhere these days.

He cleverly refers to this “eternal Peter Pan syndrome” as “gaydolescence.”

“For the most part, the gaydolescence comes from being denied a legitimate adolescence in our teenage years,” he theorizes. “The consequence of this is often young gay men don’t partake — and actively distance themselves — from the adolescent experiences of teenage love, sex, even good friendships.”

Maybe for some people. But these days, more and more LGBT youth are coming out at a younger and younger age.

“The fall out effect of this becomes apparent when we accept who we are, at 18, 22, or sometimes 30 or older, and then we become 16 year old boys all over again,” Suckling continues. “Sex drives ramp up. We join a party culture that doesn’t stop for anything. We date around and finally get the sexual education we missed out on (and then some).”

You can read the rest here. Let’s just say the author of the piece isn’t agreeing with this totally either.

I think the point about missing adolescence is valid, but I don’t think it lasts a lifetime. And everything mentioned here could also be applied to certain men and women who are straight. No one is exempt from mid-life crisis either.

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