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Zachary Quinto: The Slap; Straight Men Like Anal Stimulation; Molesting Backpackers

Zachary Quinto: The Slap

Openly gay actor, Zachary Quinto, is in a new eight-episode miniseries that’s focused on family issues. In one scene at a family barbeque he finally gets enough of someone’s ill-mannered, rotten, misbehaving loud-mouthed kid and he slaps it. I’m not sure if he slaps it to get peace, or to teach the kid a little discipline because no one else it doing it.

The incident results in a lawsuit, exposes secrets and leads to all kinds of turmoil, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Quinto’s character is a mechanic who specializes in expensive cars and is the married father of a teenaged son.

He’s also described as someone who never shies away from a fight.

I see this discussion a lot lately, badly behaved kids where parents do nothing but try to reason with a child. It sounds like an interesting theme. It also sounds as if Quinto is playing a straight role, and that’s not such a bad thing either.

You can read more here.

Straight Men Like Anal Stimulation

I think we all find these articles interesting, in an educational sort of way. There’s a new essay out that claims straight men enjoy anal stimulation just as much as gay men. Both giving and receiving, so they say.

The hetero male’s crusade to take back anilingus (a term that, FYI, is very different from “rim job”) began months ago in GQ and NY magazine — we even explored the phenomenon back in July —  but reporter Tyrone Palmer’s piece for Gawker goes a step further. He’s pretty much already accepted that anilingus is the current trend, and wants to figure out why some straight guys still aren’t ready to say it.
Why does “booty eating” make implications about my sexuality?, he wonders aloud.

I’m not surprised. But whatever you do if you haven’t done this before and you’re curious please, please familiarize yourself with the term douche.

You can read more here.

Molesting Backpackers

This one is creepy and it makes me glad I never trusted anyone…ever. Allegedly, a guy in New Zealand who runs a hostel drugged and perved over young male travelers. A couple of them reported him and he was arrested.

Even worse…he filmed it.

According to police, Mr. Harris filmed his assaults and recorded himself molesting at least 16 male victims over two and a half years, mostly overseas tourists from 18-25, who were drugged so heavily that they may not even be aware of the assault.
“These victims are unlikely to know that something has happened to them, although they may have suspicions,” Detective Senior Sergeant Rhys Johnston told TVNZ.
Police believe Harris assaulted far more than the 16 men in the tapes they recovered, and noted that more than 30 more potential victims have come forward in the day since they made details of the case public. All were backpackers passing through town, including tourists from Germany, England, Scotland, and the U.S.
We hear a great deal about rape with women, but rarely ever hear about this kind of abuse with men. It happens a lot more than most are willing to admit, sadly.
There’s more here, with the alleged perv’s photo.

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