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Homophobia, Ted Cruz, Iowa

I find this interesting because, as I recall, Iowa was one of the first states to legalize same sex marriage. I don’t have exact dates, but I do remember it was legal there before it was legal here in PA. I have an openly gay nephew living, and going to med school, in Iowa right now and I never heard him say anything about homophobia in Iowa.

In any event, here’s an article that touches on how homophobia may have played a part in Ted Cruz’s victory in Iowa this week. It’s all conjecture,  so keep that in mind.

The success of Ted Cruz was in keeping with the suspension of political rules this campaign season. By all accounts, Cruz was on a downward slide in the weeks leading up to the caucuses. Ostensibly, the reason for Cruz’s decline was related to questions whether he was allowed to become president, since he was born in Canada. That feeble argument allowed the GOP establishment to pile onto Cruz, whom is universally loathed by party leaders. Meanwhile, support for Donald Trump — at least in polls — was growing.

I’m still not so sure the being born in Canada thing with Cruz is a feeble argument. I don’t think any question about a political candidate is feeble. I remember being taught in school that you have to be a “natural” born citizen to become POTUS. “Natural” being the key word. And I’d like to see this matter put to rest for good so that if it ever comes up again it’s not an issue.

In any event, you can read more here.

I think a lot of things play a part in primary elections that I’d rather not get into in a a short blog post.


There’s a hashtag now, #TweetLikeAWhitePerson, that is allegedly focused on trying to “expose racism within the gay community.”

We’ve all seem them. Racist Scruff and Grindr profiles that say things like “No Asians” or “No Blacks” followed by hollow disclaimers like “Just my preference!” or “No racism intended.”

We get it. You can’t always control who you are attracted to. But you can control what you write on your profiles, and singling out entire swaths of people based exclusively on their race is, by definition, racial prejudice, even if you insist it isn’t. Look it up.

You won’t see me doing that on Twitter. And that’s because I think the entire concept of #TweetLikeAWhitePerson is both racist in itself, and highly insulting. And I think it’s time people started speaking up about all racism. I’m tired of racism. I hate racism in all forms. I think that’s a racist hashtag that does more harm than good.

You can read the rest here.  The comments seem to agree with me.

Pastor Comes Out, Remains Married To A Woman

I don’t find this all that unusual, and I “get” what they’re doing. A pastor in the Mennonite church came out as gay and he’s staying married to his wife of 20 years.

Mennonites are mostly old-fashioned, which is a nice way of saying bigoted and intolerant.

But that seems to be changing. One renegade Mennonite church in Canada even married a gay couple in 2015.

As for Pieter and his wife Susie, the two plan to stay married despite the revelation.

I know m/f married couples where one or the other is gay and they’ve all been happily married for a long time. In fact, I had this conversation recently with a reader who e-mails me all the time about his closeted situation and his wife. It’s an option that married couples can, and do, explore. Sometimes it works out.

You can read the rest here.

Review For A Guy With Two Penises

Here’s part of a 5 star review I noticed on Amazon, from a reader that I did not solicit, that made me smile. She got what I was doing and where I was going with this book. That makes it all worth while.

This book had me with the title; it must be one of the most bizarre to be found on the Kindle marketplace. I must admit, the title didn’t really prepare me for the quality of the writing. I was expecting a bit of a comedy, and thought the quality of writing would be pretty average, but it was actually fast-paced, punchy, slick and insightful.I also loved the tongue-in-cheek comedy that appears throughout the book; the main character is called Proctor Gamble (I love it!).

You can check that out here.