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Bears & Gay Oral Sex; OJ Simpson Pilots Are Transgender; Gay Father of the Bride; My Fair Laddie by Ryan Field

Bears & Gay Oral Sex

Evidently, bears enjoy fellatio…real live bears. Not bear as in “Bear Week” in Provincetown.

The pair of male brown bears (who were born in the wild, but were both orphaned as cubs and now live at a sanctuary in Croatia) were seen repeatedly engaging in “vigorous penile sucking” over a period covering six years between 2008 and 2013.

You can read more here. There is actually a scientific paper out on this.

I knew a very sexually aggressive and good looking Croatian guy once when I was single. He was six feet four, had dark hair, and hands the size of dinner plates. He couldn’t speak a word of English…other than the most common curse word we all know and love. I think I even wrote about him loosely in a book once, but I could be wrong about that. I dated him a few times and the language barrier never bother either of us. There wasn’t much time to talk about anything.

OJ Simpson Pilots Are Transgender

This is just about the best kind of trivia there is. I can still remember where I was and what I was doing on the night those helicopters were chasing OJ Simpson all over LA. Tony and I were in a local gay bar…The Raven…watching everything unfold on a TV over the bar. Who knew that all these years later I’d find out the pilots of those helicopters would one day be transgender women?

This is amazing because both pilots were rivals at the time of the OJ Simpson chase. They didn’t even like each other, and neither had a clue the other was transgender.

 They were two rivals who hated each other until about a year ago when after years of not seeing each other, they discovered that each was transgender and were now living life as women, according to the radio program Off-Ramp.

Tur, now called Zoey, says: ‘When you go through something like this, it’s like going to war. It’s very, very rough, and you need people out there who understand. (Vahle) was very understanding.’

Vahle, whose name is now Dana, still disputes Tur’s claim that he was first on the scene.

‘Everybody at my station feels very strongly that we were actually there before Bob Tur was there, which, of course, is something we all wanted to do in that market at that point,’ she said.

You can read more here. There’s a photo of them as women now.

Steve Martin: Gay Father of the Bride

Steven Martin recently said there are no plans to do a Gay Father of the Bride. But I find that interesting because of all the gay parodies and gay takes I’ve done in books with movie tie-ins. They actually asked me once to do a Gay Father of the Bride and we switched it to something else for reasons I don’t even recall.

Diane Keaton was expected to return as his wife Nina. The film was reported to focus on the couple’s son, originally played by Kieran Culkin, and his upcoming nuptials to another man.

The article actually states this:

It would have been the first entirely original movie in the series.

I always thought taking a standard hetero trope and giving it a gay spin was original. But more important, don’t gays deserve to read and watch these tropes as well?

My Fair Laddie

Speaking of old tropes with a gay spin, here’s some information about my book, My Fair Laddie. It is the classic Pygmalion storyline…but with all gay characters this time. If I ever get the rights back to this particular book I will put it up for free forever. The reviews are interesting. Just interesting. I couldn’t help get the feeling that because I changed such a classic well loved storyline into a gay parody I paid a price for it. It’s not as if that storyline has never been reinterpreted before. And I also have the feeling that the people who reviewed it poorly would be the two people who wouldn’t be watching the film version if Steve Martin ever decides to do that project.

In any event, I had fun writing it. And I do know from the e-mails I get a lot of people had as much fun reading it. And that’s what the book was all about: fun. I wasn’t going for the Lammie or a Pulitzer. The goal was to entertain.

Young Wilbur Munroe doesn’t know a soup spoon from a salad fork. And although he makes his living working as a manual laborer for wealthy people in Savannah, he dreams about a much better life than what he’s known.

Dr. Harlan Henderson is a world-famous teacher of applied linguistics. And in his spare time he enjoys the company of rough, working class bi-sexual men who never put emotional demands on him. At thirty-nine years old, the last thing he’s looking for is a life partner.

But when young Wilbur trips over an urn at one of Harlan’s infamous Savannah parties and spills his pomegranate martini on a Georgia senator, Harlan’s life changes forever. Though his first instinct is to fire Wilbur, he’s mesmerized by Wilbur’s wretched accent and his bold spirit.

When Wilbur returns the next day to ask Harlan to teach him to speak well and turn him into a perfect gentleman, Harlan is willing to take on the challenge. He moves Wilbur into his home, works with him night and day, and refuses to stop until he sees results.

Only he doesn’t notice Wilbur is falling in love with him. And by the time he does, it just might be too late…