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Confessions Of gay Jocks and Movie Blackbird; Fat Burner Supplements; Naked, Guitars and Sam Stanley

Confessions of Gay Jocks and Movie Blackbird

This is another one of those meme things where gay athletes talk about what it’s like to be gay today. I’m starting to look forward to them as a regular feature. They’re short and sweet and get the message out there. I’ve also posted about an LGBT movie below…Blackbird.

But “better” doesn’t necessarily mean “good.”
Below, hear from guys on Whisper who are dealing with being gay in the still largely homophobic arena that is team sports:

Here’s one I thought was excellent…

Being gay doesn’t define my athletic abilities or my masculinity. The guys on my team get intimidated by me because I’m pretty built. They know not to mess with me or who I love. 

The others are all good, too, but I think I like the one above the most because it’s the gay man you never hear from in the mainstream. It’s the gay man I write about in most of my books, and the gay man so many don’t understand…yet.

There’s a film I watched on NetFlix titled, “Blackbird,” that reminded me of a lot of these quotes. And if you check out the link for Blackbird, and then do a simple search, don’t pay attention to the rotten tomato reviews. They suck just like most things on rotten tomatoes that are gay oriented. The film is good and if you don’t love it you’ll like it. It’s very m/m romance oriented. I thought the ending was happy.

Fat Burner Supplements

This is clearly an advertorial, but I’m linking to it because one of the things I see most in social media deals with people who are trying to lose a few extra pounds. I personally stick to a strict protein diet and rarely ever have a carb…and that includes pasta, pizza and doughnuts. I can’t even remember the last time I had any of those foods. It’s almost a joke. But it works for me, I love how I feel, and I can still wear jeans I wore when I was in college. I run every morning and that helps, too. But everyone is different and if someone finds a way that works better for them I’m all for it.

With so many “fat burner” supplements on the market, it’s hard to consider which is the right one for you. Walking into your local supplement store can be an intimidating experience if you don’t know what you are looking for. Many head to the weight loss section and look for the flashiest label in hopes of a saving grace. What some don’t know is that fat burners take on different mechanisms of action. Some contain stimulants, some work with the body’s natural processes, and some come from our diet.

I advocate nothing here and I suggest before starting any diet plan you consult with your doctor first. I’m just passing the link along. I don’t use it myself and can’t comment on it personally.  

Here’s the link. 

Naked, Guitars, and Sam Stanley

It’s Labor Day and the unofficial end of summer. Here’s something worth checking out with Sam Stanley in case you didn’t have any plans today.

Not only is 23-year-old Stanley a great athlete (he’s represented England a total of five times internationally), courageous enough to come out publicly in a homophobic sport, but he’s super cute to boot, with his olive complexion, honey brown eyes, and full head of curly hair.

Oh, and did we mention he’s a pocket gay who he sings and plays guitar?

You don’t see any real nudity, which is fine with me, but it’s worth checking out because he is adorable…seriously adorable. I love guys like Sam Stanley with at least a little hair. I will never get this trend with gay men who buzz off all their hair. Those ultra short haircuts are only attractive on a few people, but not most. Someone should tell these guys they don’t have to do that.

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