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Mark-Paul Gosselaar Totally Nude; Married Closet Cases; The Daddy You’re Cruising

Mark-Paul Gosselaar Totally Nude

When I saw this recently I have admit I thought it was one of the best clickbait pieces I’ve seen in a while.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar posed completely nude, and for once it’s not a skinny little annoying twink like Nick Jonas. If this is gay bait, bring it on. Gosselaar is, indeed, all grown up, in his forties, and very much all man.

Or maybe his fans have. In the pic, Gosselaar and animator Ben Ceccarelli are buck naked as they lean against the wall upside down. They have their hands firmly placed on the ground and are showing off every muscle of their body. A Photoshopped black line is also strategically covering their private parts. “Team Cocky,” they named themselves.

Here’s the link to the censored nude photo, and if there is a photo that wasn’t censored I couldn’t find it. But it’s still worth checking out, trust me. 

Married Closet Cases

This article seems light on the surface, but it’s a serious subject filled with complications that range from self-loathing to shame. It talks about men who are married to women, but are also gay and in the closet. Many have children.

And it’s not something new.

But the pressure to suppress your true identity is increased tenfold if you’ve already made milestone life decisions based on a lie you tell yourself and others. For married men, especially ones with kids, coming out can seem like an impossible choice.

Here’s a link to where you can read quotes by some of these married men in the closet.

This one is interesting:

I’ve been trying to tell my wife that I’m into guys but she doesn’t believe it.

There is nothing sadder or more frustrating than a wife who is in denial about her gay husband. 

The Daddy You’re Cruising

This is one of those pieces that some of my critics in M/M would shun and condemn. In fact, there’s one blogger where some of the worst critics of M/M gather to appropriate gay men who actually went private this year so no one could see what she posts unless they had a private invitation. She’s back up now (big surprise), and everything is public…except for the posts and comment threads that were published during the time she went private. In the past, she’s stopped blogging, and started again. She’s complained, ranted, and accused. And, you should see the bad food porn photos she posts. I’m not linking or mentioning names because frankly, I’m not sure she’s mentally stable.

But that doesn’t stop me from embracing my own gay culture, what I know about gay culture as a gay man, and all the fun there is in gay culture. I think my readers appreciate that, men and women. And this article about music, daddies and dive bars is nothing but fun.

Regardless, my pals and I started thinking about songs that are sure to change the energy level in the most somber of taverns and undoubtedly impress that hot young-ish daddy you’ve been cruising so without further ado…

You can check them out here. 

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