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Male Nude Showers

I try to balance blog posts with a combination of serious and lighter topics I find while I’m surfing the web for information. There’s often so much info available it’s hard to decide what to post about sometimes. And there are so many serious issues within the LGBTI community it’s difficult to ignore them. But I never intended this blog to be an activist web site that only focuses on the serious. It’s the main reason why I don’t review books more than I do.

I was introduced to Vimeo last year and I found myself engrossed in several videos. Once again, some more serious than others.

The one I’m linking to now is more on the lighter side. At least I think it is. I know a few critics who would disagree and think I’m promoting blasphemy. I’m not trying to attract them here to this blog. I’m looking for the more sophisticated reader, not the academic reader. There’s a big difference between the two. It’s a well executed video that comes from a collection of a film maker who calls himself Arnaud Kartal that is focused on nude men showering in a very natural way.

I find it interesting and amusing. You can watch it here. I don’t think you need to join to watch, but you probably will join after you see this. Vimeo is filled with all kinds of content.

Dirty Straight Guys

The part of today’s post that follows this part is all about gay guys being attracted to straight guys. It’s an area that is often either ignored or brushed off as nonexistent. The problem is that the people who ignore it don’t get it, and the people who brush it off don’t want to accept it. And as a gay man I often find myself trying to disabuse certain notions or concepts that others would rather not deal with. I also hear from a lot of women who read m/m romance and a lot of them find these things interesting, too.

In this case I’m talking about the tons of web pages at tumblr with titles like Dirty Straight Guys. If you check out this NSFW page you’ll see a collection of photos of alleged straight men naked in various poses that are both artistic and erotic. I use the word alleged because I often wonder just how “straight” these guys really are.

If you do a simple search, there are dozens more just like this one.

Here’s one example, and here’s another…called Guys Pants Down. I think if you love and appreciate the male body in all forms you’ll enjoy this. They aren’t all erotic and I don’t find them all sexual either. Many are simply just images of men to appreciate. Sometimes it is just that plain and simple.

Gay Men Looking For Straight Men

In the comment section of the post to which I’m linking now, you’ll see there are some very heated reactions. I think it’s a timeless article that would have worked fifty years ago as well as it does today, and will in the future. The fact is that some gay men are, indeed, attracted to straight men and no one is exactly sure why. But more than that, some straight men like the attention and are more than willing to play along.

For some gay men, there’s no greater thrill than bagging a straight guy. Last fall, while speaking with registered voters for a marriage equality campaign, I met a middle-aged man who claimed to be able to walk into any straight bar in his mid-sized Midwestern city and take someone home. And then recently a guy dumped me because our relationship was too traditionally romantic; he wanted the straight-friend vibe—but with an erotic undertone.

According to a new study of Craigslist personal ads, we can now say these two fine gentleman and the young man offering a “Blo-N-Go for horny str8-dads-married” in Lake County, Illinois, are not alone. But why do so many gays have this straight guy ideal?

The article goes into more depth about the reason why some gay men might be attracted to straight men. And to be perfectly honest I’ve always been able to attract more straight men than gay men myself. I don’t actually have a set type. When I was single I never went out looking for straight men. They found me. But I don’t think it’s all just about straight men or gay men. I think the attraction is more about the appreciation of men in general. Men think like men, even gay men think like men…most gay men anyway.

I don’t think this is always sexual either.

You can read more here.

Take Me Always by Ryan Field

This m/m romance, Take Me Always, is probably one of the more intense books I’ve written because it covers the span of a lifetime with two gay men who were victims of their circumstances and society in the 1950’s. It’s kind of like a gay “Notebook,” with erotica and strong descriptions about gay relationships before legal gay marriage was even a thought. It’s not fanfic. Not one single line was taken from The Notebook. It’s just the story of two gay men who face unthinkable odds during a time when being gay was considered a criminal offense. It’s a fairly common trope, but this time there’s a gay influence because I don’t think anyone’s ever done that before. And many of the scenes and situations were taken from my own personal experiences as a gay man living an openly gay life and knowing many older gay couples.

Kadin Mulroney is ten years older than his lifelong partner, Gregory. They’ve been together for over forty years, and have weathered society’s strict rules with grace and dignity. But when Gregory is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and winds up in a nursing home, Kadin decides to move there with him in spite of the fact that Gregory doesn’t even know him. His three children aren’t happy about this and his friends think he’s crazy. But Gregory is the love of Kadin’s life, and he’s not going to let him slip away without a struggle. So he conceives a plan to help him remember their passionate, sexy past. With the help of a laptop computer and a personal blog, he begins telling him the story of two good looking young men who fell in love during the l950’s in Savannah. One is a recent college graduate, and the other is a thirty year old lawyer and divorced father of three. They meet by accident at the movies on the day of Kadin’s thirtieth birthday, and wind up spending a full summer together engaged in every act of true love that is humanly possible. But it all comes to an abrupt halt in mid-August, when Gregory’s family begins to suspect his forbidden feelings for Kadin. They drag him back to Atlanta early, where he enlists in the army to get even. Five years later, Kadin has moved on with his life and Gregory is engaged to be married for the sake of convenience. But Gregory sees Kadin on TV, and he goes back to Savannah one more time before the wedding. He only wants to find out what happened to Kadin, but the moment he arrives his clothes come off and they resume their unending love affair. This is a burning, sexy story with a tender, happy ending. It’s about true love between two strong, passionate men that survives all the odds society and family have placed upon them. They do it with restrained dignity and courage in public, but in private they share unbelievable, monogamous sex that leaves them both more completely satisfied.

Here’s part of an Amazon review…

Even though I don’t usually like stories that jump back and forth between past and present, the author makes such a smooth transition between the two that I was able to totally enjoy it. I even found myself blinking back tears at the end of the book (no, noone dies). This is a wonderful love story but it has alot of hot love scenes too.Well worth reading.

Take Me Always by Ryan Field