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"No Fems" and Hook Up Apps; Tom Daley’s Perfect Physique; Philadelphia Gay Race Issue

“No Fems” and Hook Up Apps

This kind of thing has always bothered me, and I’m not even on any hook up apps. It’s just that when I see it, I wonder about the kind of person who would write something like that. Evidently, I’m not the only one.

Does your dating profile say anything along the lines of “no fems” or “masc4masc”? If so, you’re actually hurting your chances of getting laid.

In a new column, Joe Stone points to a recent study published in Computers in Humans Behavior titled “Masculine Guys Online.” The study surveyed 144 gay and bisexual men about their online dating habits and found that the majority of them viewed guys who write things like “masc 4 masc,” “no fems,” or “real men only” as “significantly less intelligent, significantly less sexually confident, and significantly less dateable than their counterparts.”

I’m glad other people are starting to question things like this, and that the truth is coming out. I think a lot more men are going to start questioning the whole concept of “masculinity” and how it’s always defined their lives.

You can check this out here.

Tom Daley’s Perfect Physique

If you’ve ever wondered about how Tom Daley gets his body, you’ll love this.

My life’s about getting to the point where I’m in the physical shape that I can do all my diving the best that I can. So, I do feel bad and I wouldn’t want to make anyone feel that way. But I know that if anyone else trained for six hours a day, six days a week, they would get the same result…

Here’s the rest. Most of the comments are friendly.

Philadelphia Gay Race Issue

The problems going on in Philadelphia with regard to gay men and racism don’t seem to end. And, it’s not just about race. It’s about gender, too.

A Philadelphia civil-rights agency just released a lengthy report on discrimination in the city’s “Gayborhood,” claiming that 11 local gay bars have simply failed to create a “‘safe space’ for all LGBTQ people.”

You can check this out here. Sadly, one gay woman claims that she feels so invisible in these bars that she has to ask her gay male friends to order her drinks.

There are quite a few comments, and quite a few spins. I think this guy nailed it in one sentence…

 It’s almost comical that people are replying with racist statements while claiming there’s no racism.

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