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Gay Men and Certain Jobs; Russell Tovey Nude Scene; Mary Poppins Sequel

Gay Men and Certain Jobs

The title of the article I’m linking to reads, “Are Gay Men Better At Certain Jobs?”

And comedian, Sam Kalidi, decided to add his brand of humor to the subject. Remember, it’s comedy.

Each week online comedian, voice actor and chest hair model Sam Kalidi creates a comedic post for Queerty readers. This week he considers whether there’s truth to gay job stereotypes. You can find him on TwitterFacebook,Instagram and at your local glory hole.

You can watch his video here.

You’ll like the comments, too.

Russell Tovey Nude Scene

This story is about a new film with Russell Tovey…he was a huge character on HBO’s Looking, which I loved…titled, The Pass. It started out as a stage play, with Russell Tovey, before they adapted it to film.

Evidently, there’s some nudity.

The show played to critical acclaim, with The Guardian saying of Tovey’s performance, “What Tovey captures superbly, apart from Jason’s physical fitness, is his shift from a nervy but determined teenager into a…figure who has paid the price of fame.”

Perhaps he was drawing on the backlash he got from those femme comments in March of last year. But probably not.

The rest is here. There are photos.

Mary Poppins Sequel

A lot of people don’t know that author, P.L. Travers, who wrote the book, Mary Poppins, wasn’t too thrilled about the book being adapted to film in the 1960s. In fact, Walk Disney himself courted her for many years trying to persuade her to give him the rights. I can only wonder what she might say now about this sequel they are planning.

On one hand, we are horrified by the prospect of a Mary Poppins sequel. The 1964 Walt Disney musical about an undocumented worker magical nanny in 1910 London is a bona-fide classic that made Julie Andrews a household name.

I think what most people don’t know is that there was, indeed, a serious story in the original book that really shouldn’t be combined with…cartoons. Or, it’s questionable at best.

Here’s the rest. I wrote another in-depth post about P.L Travers a while back, here. I’ve always found the alleged LGBT angle, the one we never hear about, highly relative.

Gage goes on to talk more about Travers as a lesbian, and with some excellent examples that include photos. It’s not the first place I’ve read about this. If you do more searches you’ll see that everything Gage claims can be backed up by others. Yet no mention of this in the film, Saving Mr. Banks, as if it’s a crime to mention it.

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