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Stephen Fry and PrEP; Nick Jonas Responds To Gay Baiting Accusations; Reality Star Calls Out Promiscuous Gay Men

Stephen Fry and PrEP

Fry is making the news again for a cause he clearly believes in.

Celebrity and frequent activist Stephen Fry has said he is ‘frustrated’ by the NHS England’s decision to not provide funding for the HIV-prevention drug, PrEP.
PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) has an almost 100% success rate of preventing HIV infection from sex. It has less chance of working (70%) from injection for drug use.
‘I never imagined I would be alive to see the day when a pill was created that could actually prevent HIV,’ Fry said.

You can check out the rest of this here. I didn’t know about the 70% chance of PrEP working with drug use. I thought it worked the same for everyone.

Nick Jonas Responds To Gay Baiting Accusations

I think I’m more curious about this than anything else. Nick Jonas is responding, again, to gay baiting accusations.

‘Anytime you do something that is ‘a stand’ on some level, whether it’s something like the cancellation of my North Carolina shows or even just being a comfortable, confident male – a heterosexual male pop star – I think there’s not necessarily a history of people being as open about some of those things as I’ve been,’ he tells Frontiers magazine.

There’s more here. I actually agree with Jonas there…he has been open, and I hope that continues. There are, indeed, a lot of people who aren’t as open as he is and they’re constantly working all sides of social media. At least Jonas appears to be honest and I don’t see how he can be faulted for that. I’m starting to believe there are different forms of gay baiting, and some are way less harmful than others.

Reality Star Calls Out Promiscuous Gay Men

I always find these articles about promiscuity and slut-shaming a little unusual…for the most part. I think some people make more out of it than they should. I’ve also known many gay men who brag about having as much sex as they possibly can and they don’t care if anyone slut-shames them or not.

This piece talks about a reality star in the UK, Linford Martin, who seems to think…

Linford Martin, famous for appearing on the UK reality television show, First Dates, penned an article on GuysLikeU about the topic.
And, unsurprisingly, Twitter has reacted pretty strongly to the article titled: Promiscuous gay guys give our community a bad name!’

There’s more here.

Most of the article is commentary, and then there are a few tweets that show how people reacted on social media. As usual, you will find more information in the comments with this one.  



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