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The Blog For Gay Bathhouse News; George Michael Mural In Sydney; Tom Goss Showering With Men Almost Made Him Asexual

The Blog For Gay Bathhouse News

The other day I saw a tweet where someone compared a politician to Hitler because that particular politician was complaining about the press for sharing fake news. The tweet made it sound as though that was the only kind of censorship or media control in Nazi Germany, without mentioning the fact that the worst kind of media control back then was the propaganda promoted by Hitler through the press. You can read more about this here. I’m not going into detail about it. I’m just using it as an example.

Unfortunately, I often see the same brand of media manipulation happening all over the Internet nowadays, and it happens often in mainstream news. It’s not as bad as what happened in Nazi Germany, and yet it’s still a form of propaganda that’s designed to camouflage the truth. There’s only one kind of gay person they allow us to see, and only one kind of gay life they want you to know about. And that’s because it suits their agendas. However, they rarely ever post about the real aspects of gay culture, like the bathhouse blog I’m linking to right now.

I’ve been following this blog for about ten years and it’s still moving forward. It talks about the kind of gay news so many gay men have always been familiar with. Here’s something from one of their most recent posts about a gay clergyman who allegedly has an addiction to gay saunas…

Sex addicted clergyman has been fired from his position after his wife exposed his double life of hookers, orgies and gay bathhouse visits.

Following the wife’s whistle-blowing over his secret life, a disciplinary hearing ruled her husband would be banned from ministry for life over his conduct.

You can check that out here, along with the rest of the blog. It’s well written, simple to navigate, and still remains relevant to this day. And I can promise you that you won’t see them talking about this on CNN.

George Michael Mural In Sydney

Here’s something else the PC news media would never report (or explain) to the mainstream about gay culture. It’s kind of an artistic religious parody (St. George) much the same way I’ve parodied straight movies with erotic gay romance books, and the image is holding a joint in one hand and poppers in the other.

Sydney-based street artist Scott Marsh just put the last finishing touches on a splashy 20′ mural immortalizing pop icon George Michael, which you’ll find on the corner of Bray and Flora in St. Peters.

Important detail: Since patron saints tend to cradle some sort of magical talisman, Marsh thought it wise to paint a joint and big bottle of amyl into Michael’s paws.

You can check that out here, where there are a few comments already. And for those of you who only see what they let you know about George Takei, Neil Patrick Harris, and Ellen, amyl nitrate has always been a part of gay culture. You don’t have to like it. You just have to know about it.

Tom Goss Showering With Men Almost Made Him Asexual

I think they’re exaggerating the true meaning of asexual here again, but I get the point they’re trying to make and I don’t think that’s being exaggerated. Most gay men like Tom Goss are just as confused.

The Son of A Preacher Man singer recently told The Fight magazine that for a long time he thought he was asexual and was actually considering becoming a priest.

But being around a group of young, musclebound college wrestlers pumped full of testosterone didn’t have any affect on Goss.

“These were 18–22 year old men, beautiful and with bodies to die for, I didn’t find them attractive either,” he said. “As a result I just assumed I was asexual.”

I think many gay men can identify with that. You can read the article in full here. It goes on to mention that Goss did, in fact, enter a Catholic seminary. And there’s a video of his music.

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