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First Time They Call You "Gay Daddy"; 23 Year Old Porn Actor Maxent Houillon Missing; Fear of Ridicule Puts Off LGBT Allies

First Time They Call You Gay Daddy

This is so stupid I had to post about it. I honestly couldn’t resist the stupidity this time.

It’s started happening to us, and we’re not all too pleased: Younger bucks casually calling us “daddy.” Should we be faintly annoyed and more-than-faintly turned off by the whole thing?

You can check this one out here. Once again, it’s all about the comments.

23 Year Old Porn Actor Maxent Houillon Missing

A young porn star hasn’t been seen in five days.

Adult film model/performer Baptiste Garcia (real name: Maxent Houillon) has been missing since Monday, October 3.

The 23-year-old, best known for his work with “French Twink Studios,” was last seen in the Perpignan region of France. He  was dressed in slim jeans, grey pullover, black basket sneakers, and a dark blue backpack.

You can read more here.

Fear of Ridicule Puts Off LGBT Allies

From what I can gather,  in simple terms, this article I’m linking to now examines how LGBT people and straight people interact in the workplace.

When it comes to the factors that determine whether someone is an ally or not, 67% said that an uncertainty over what an ally does plays a part.

Forty-nine per cent thought that by supporting LGBT colleagues, others at work may assume the ally themselves must be LGBT – despite the fact that most of the allies in the study identified as heterosexual.

Here’s the rest.  It’s interesting. But what about people in the closet? Not everyone in the workplace is out, and I think it’s unfair to assume they are, so these “studies” and articles often make me wonder.

 HUGE thanks to everyone who helped get “Uncertainty” a star.