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Steve Grand In New Hope, PA; Gay Man On PrEP Tests HIV Poz; Gay Adult Film Star and Alleged Rape Case

Steve Grand In New Hope, PA

I’m always posting something about New Hope, PA, where I live, and how it’s a well known tourist destination for LGBT people, and I’m sure a lot of you are left wondering what I’m talking about. So here’s a good example. Internet sensation, Steve Grand, whom I’ve also posted about before, will be here in New Hope this Saturday doing a live concert.

Of course when I heard about it I went to the web site to see about tickets, however, the show was sold out almost immediately. That’s fine. I’ll live. I’ll still promote Grand because I think he’s doing something wonderful and he’s doing it all alone without the help of huge money supporting him. And he will go down in gay history.

I would imagine there will be a cross section of LGBT people coming to the show in New Hope that ranges from New York, to Philadelphia, to Washington DC.

Here’s where it was originally posted.

Gay Man On PrEP Tests HIV Poz

They don’t seem to be taking this too seriously right now, however, it’s still not a chance I would be willing to take based on the limited information that’s out there right now.

For the first time, researchers have documented a case in which an individual has contracted a multi-drug resistant strain of HIV.

He claims that at the time he was adhering to a daily regiment of Truvada (tenofovir/emtricitabine) as pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP).

POZ reports that scientists have come to the conclusion that it’s indeed possible to contract HIV even when adhering to PrEP, when exposed to a strain of the virus that’s resistant to both drugs included in Truvada.

While it’s concerning, experts are suggesting failures like these will be rare.

Here’s the rest. It’s an in-depth piece with a lot more information, so you really should check it out. That’s why I post these links.

The comments are varied with this one, and I don’t think some people even get the entire concept of PrEP.

I was actually hoping we wouldn’t hear news like this. Even though I’d never do PrEP at this point in time, I was hoping it would work 100%.

Gay Adult Film Star and Alleged Rape Case

And yet here’s another disturbing story coming from the world of gay adult film stars.

Wait until you read this…

Also known by his porn alias ‘Mike Dozer’, the HIV-positive adult star has appeared previously as an “anti-condom” ambassador. He had already pleaded guilty to federal charges of felony rape and pled guilty to reckless endangerment of another person following his initial arrest in 2014, having had sex with the victim without condoms.

The new state conviction is in addition to Steele’s federal conviction on related charges, though it is not known if his two separate prison sentences will be served concurrently or consecutively.

The 33-year-old was also reportedly charged with involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, aggravated indecent assault, disseminating explicit material to a minor, corruption of a minor among other charges that was dismissed by the court in exchange for a guilty plea bargain.

The link will lead you here. There are over 55 comments with this one. 

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