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Steve Grand Video Late; Steve Grand Nude Photos

Steve Grand Video Late

Steve Grand was the openly gay country/pop singer who took the Internet by storm. He started a kickstarter campaign with the goal of raising $81,000 and so many people were willing to give him support he wound up with $326,593. It’s the most ever raised for a music campaign. I’ve been posting about him since he first hit cyberspace. If I recall correctly, the thing about his first song that hit so close to home for many was that he sang about a young gay man falling in love with a straight guy.

His new video about unrequited love for another man is moving, powerful and tender. The video is also brave and ground-breaking. Evidently it is based on a real life incident in Grand’s life. The video gives us a classic country western theme with a slight twist. More Here…

He had planned to release his first album sooner rather than later, but now says that it might be late summer…or even later than that.

He released a video and Facebook message for fans on Friday (16 May) saying that while he hopes for late summer, ‘at this point it is still hard to say.’

‘From day one, I have promised to only give you my best, most honest work, and I intend to uphold that promise even if it means delaying the release of the record to make sure I get it just right,’ he says.

More here…

It takes much longer to self-publish a book than it does to go through a publisher. I could write a novel in a month, submit it to a publisher, and move on to the next project. Not so with indie publishing: you’re on your own. So I would imagine it’s just as difficult with music.

In the meantime, Grand will be doing a mini-tour at various pride events all summer.

Steve Grand Nude Photos

I have eclectic taste in music, but I am actually a fan of most pop country music. The only music I’m not fond of are torch songs, cabaret, and show tunes. And anything Brittany Spears (or fangirl oriented) makes me want to gag. And I think that Grand has opened up a new world for gay men and music. Up until recently no one ever associated country/pop with gay people. But we’ve been here all along…just like football.  

Grand seems to know how to promote himself well, too. Here’s a link to the OMG blog where there are photos of Grand almost naked. I think they’re tasteful.

I’m not a huge country music fan, but Dolly Parton is great. That song “Jolene” really tips my back. Aside from Dolly, (and maybe a little Reba), there’s not much of a gay tone in country music.

Well, apparently out country singer Steve Grand is trying to change all that. Here he is in various magazines showing off his honky tonk.

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You can check out the photos above and there are plenty more images of nude male celebs.

There are a few more photos here at this web site, along with a music video of All American Boy. The boy in the video Grand is in love with is Nick Alan who used to be a “Fratman” model, Taylor. There’s also a NSFW link to the porn site. It might take you a while to sift through that link, but it will be well worth your time.