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Gay Male Secrets; Top Or Bottom Quiz; Internal Desires by Ryan Field

Gay Male Secrets

This article talks about assimilation, heteronormativity, and how with gaining more equality gay culture has shifted a little. But it also gets into a few secrets no one talks about much anymore. According to this article, secrets gay men don’t tell straight people. I’m not quite sure about all of them. But some are accurate.

Of course bottoming is number one on the list:

There, I said it. Bottoming is fucking great. Yes, it hurts every time. Yes it is sometimes messy (Santorum is just not a candidate in Iowa). But it is always fucking worth it. There are lots of guys who only like to bottom. There are lots of couples that are both bottoms and they take turns begrudingly topping. There are also lots of tops who only like to top. Topping is fun too. But if topping is like a merry-go-round, then bottoming is like the best fucking roller coaster you’ve ever been on in your life. The weird thing is “power bottom” isn’t just some stupid straight boy insult, the gays use it too. There’s some sort of shame about being a bottom, like it makes us less manly and that straight people won’t take us seriously. That is probably true, but those feelings are wrapped in all this heteronormative, patriarchal bullshit that straight society has thrust upon us, and we hate you for making us feel bad about something that is better than chasing a million dragons. And, yes, straight guys, let your lady stick a finger up there sometime, and you’ll know what I’m talking about. I promise not to make you feel like less of a man for it.

This is where I question a few things. I’m not saying it’s inaccurate; just a little one-sided. There is NO reason why bottoming should hurt EVERY single time if you know what you’re doing and you’re into the man you’re doing it with. That’s one of the biggest well-kept secrets: being into the top guy so much you can’t wait to do it. But I don’t disagree with the general point of this paragraph.

You can read the rest here. I found the one about gay men not liking drag queens as much as straight people like them interesting. I only like good drag. If it’s bad, I’m out the door.

Top Or Bottom Quiz

I have always found that some gay men aren’t exactly sure whether they are tops or bottoms. I know that sounds hard to believe, but it isn’t always in black and white. There are gray areas and I’m sure a lot of gay men would agree with me. This quiz is supposed to help gay men who are confused about this come to a conclusion. It’s also NSFW. You’ve been warned. I also add one more question from my personal experience.

Question number six is interesting:

Have you ever fingered yourself?

Yes, I liked it. (and still do it occasionally)
Yes, but I didn’t like it
No, but I really want to/ I know i will enjoy it.
The thought never even crossed my mind.  NO WAY

So is this one (I’m not posting the answers here):

Your mate and you are kissing and naked.  What happens next?

Frankly, I didn’t see the one question I think is most important. It’s also the simplest and the least vulgar. From my personal experience:

When you’re making out with a guy and still fully clothed, are you on your back and do your legs naturally spread and go up?

I’ve never seen it fail.

You can read more here and take the test.

Internal Desires
by Ryan Field
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Amazon Review:Ryan Filed knows how to write short stories that are hot. This was a quick read with steamy sex. Mr. Field impressed me with his “Chase of a Lifetime” series. I look forward to more books like that from him.