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Depp-Kimmel Gay Kiss; FREE Gay EXcerpt; Neil Patrick Harris on Letterman

Depp-Kimmel Gay Kiss

There was a kiss between Johnny Depp and Jimmy Kimmel a short time ago that everyone seemed to find amusing, and they repeated the kiss once again this week.

Johnny Depp kissed Jimmy Kimmel on live TV on Monday – the second time in a row that the pair have kissed during an appearance by Depp on the show.

Depp came prepared with a stick of lip balm which he repeatedly applied during the interview to let Kimmel know what was coming.

You can read about it here, and see a clip.

I have to be honest. Normally I would take offense to something like this because even though it’s funny at times it does call attention to the fact that two men kissing is, and always has been, considered taboo (or laughable). There’s also the underlying hint of shame. But in this case I don’t find it offensive because it’s handled well, and because it is bringing something taboo out into the mainstream. As a kid I can still recall when it was considered taboo…or shocking…for people of different races to kiss on TV. It took time to break out of that mold. And I highly doubt that if a white man kissed Oprah Winfrey on TV now anyone would find it the slightest bit amusing. In fact, I would dare them to laugh.  

Now I’d like to see Jimmy Kimmel and Neil Patrick Harris kiss.

Neil Patrick Harris on Letterman

There were rumors going around that openly gay Neil Patrick Harris was a strong contender to replace David Letterman when Letterman retires in about a year. The rumors were put to rest recently when it was announced Stephen Colbert would replace Letterman instead of Harris.

Harris took to Twitter to congratulate the host of The Colbert Report who will take over for Letterman next year.

He tweeted: ‘I’m thrilled for @StephenatHome replacing Dave. He’s a fantastic choice. I’m a huge fan. Colbert is rad.

My first thought when I heard this was WTF? If you ask me, and not because Neil Patrick Harris is gay, I think CBS just handed Jimmy Fallon the title of King of Late Night Television on a silver platter. I would have chosen Johnny Knoxville. It’s time for something different.

In any event, you can read more here.

FREE Gay Excerpt

I have a new book coming out soon in the Bad Boy Billionaire series, Palm Beach Stud. I’ll update with links and more info as I get it, but here’s an excerpt and description. You can find it here at the publisher’s web site.


The interesting thing about true love is that it never really ends for those who know what it means to love openly and honestly with all their hearts. It’s something that’s hard to define, and yet it’s so deep in the soul it can’t be ignored. And Brady Bradley is no exception to this rule when he finds himself marrying a man he respects and admires, but doesn’t love as much as his first husband. Brady is one of those people who are damaged by love at a young age, and he’s never recovered. All he’s looking for with his second husband is trust, honesty, and a sense of emotional security he never could find with his bad boy first husband. But one week before the wedding, Brady’s ex-husband returns to Palm Beach with his new, younger boyfriend and a business partner who wants to buy Brady’s family home. Although everyone—including Brady’s family—loves his billionaire ex-husband, Brady only sees the man who cheated on him and ruined his entire life. Will Brady be able to move forward with his life and marry the sensible, practical man in a bowtie? Or will he wind up devastated again by the same brand of daydreaming that once left him wrecked?

Here’s the excerpt…raw version, but no much different than the published novel.


“Dude, where are you?” Lawrence said. He was shouting in the main hall now. Brady had been amazed at how much Lawrence had changed since Christmas. Lawrence had grown a few inches, his body had filled out, and his voice had taken on a stronger, deeper tone. He was now in the beginning stages of what Brady portended would be a very good looking young man with dark straight hair.
            Brady slumped down on the beige moiré wing chair to avoid being seen. He’d promised Lawrence he’d take him to the beach that afternoon and he’d been prolonging it for as long as he could. He loved his sixteen year old younger brother, but the ten year age difference between them often made Brady feel more like his dad than his brother. And all these wedding plans were starting to make Brady’s right eyelid twitch. He’d wanted a simple wedding, with just family and a few close friends. But when Michele heard he was engaged to be married to Farman, she’d insisted on a large wedding, at the house, where she could walk Brady down the aisle. For Michele it was more of a political statement than an emotional statement. She’d always supported Brady’s lifestyle as a gay man and she wanted all her friends to know this. If Brady had argued against having a large wedding with Farman, he knew this would have hurt his mother’s feelings, and she’d always been so supportive of his lifestyle he just couldn’t do that.
            Lawrence walked into the drawing room and glanced down at the sofa. He kicked the floor with his big sneaker and sighed aloud. When he turned and saw Brady in the wing chair, he frowned and asked, “When are we going to the beach?” Though he was on the verges of manhood, at that moment he still sounded like a little boy.
            “In a few minutes,” Brady said. “I have to choose a thank you note.” They had access to their own private beach, but Lawrence had insisted on going to the beach at The Breakers because there were more people his age…or at least he hoped there would be. He was straight and he’d reached that age where he’d just discovered girls. Farman’s law firm represented The Breakers and Brady now had full access to all their facilities whenever he wanted. So he’d promised to take Lawrence there at least once a week while he was home in Palm Beach.
            “How freaking hard could it be to pick a thank you note?” Lawrence asked. “Seriously, man, it’s getting late now.” He glanced down at the stack of samples and pointed to a pink affair with black letters. “Choose that one. It stands out from the rest.”
            Brady had narrowed it down to two by then. He’d been deciding between the white with gold embossed letters, and the cream with chocolate brown letters. He glanced at the sample Lawrence had just selected and made a face. “Oh, if that doesn’t scream gay wedding I don’t know what does. Maybe I should ask if they have it in bright purple.”
            “But it is a gay wedding,” Lawrence said. “What’s the big deal?” He really didn’t get it. He’d always known Brady was gay and he’d never been aware of the stereotypes Brady had faced all his life.
            “I don’t feel like explaining right now,” Brady said. He decided on the white with gold letters and stood up from the chair. “But there is no way I’m sending out hot pink thank you notes with big black letters, thank you.” Then he left Lawrence standing there with a confused expression and went to look for his mother in the conservatory.
            Lawrence followed him into the conservatory where they found Michele alone near a fountain that mimicked the infamous Manneken Pis in Brussels…the bronze statue of the little boy peeing. She’d recently had her medium length straight blond hair touched up and she was wearing a simple white dress with sensible high heels. When she heard them approach, she turned and said, “I think we’re all set with the florist. He just left and we finalized everything.” She spoke with a slight Boston accent, but nothing too pronounced.
            Brady knew if he didn’t stop her she would continue and go into a detailed explanation of the floral arrangements for the wedding, and since he didn’t really care, and he trusted her completely, he decided to change the subject fast. “I’m taking Lawrence to The Breakers. I promised him we’d use their beach today. Thanks for taking care of all this, mother. You have no idea how much I appreciate it.” Unlike a lot of the people he knew his own age, he’d always called her mother instead of mom. She’d never objected.
            Michele frowned at Lawrence. He was now standing in the doorway the led into the conservatory gaping at his smart phone. “I don’t see why he insists on going over there to use their beach. It’s so pointless when you think about how many people would love to have a private beach all their own like we have right here.”
            “I’m bored,” Lawrence said. “That’s why I want to go there. I have nothing to do, and I don’t have any friends here.”
            “Can’t you just read a book, dear,” Michele said. “When I was your age my teachers gave us a reading list for the summer that kept me more than busy.”
            “It didn’t stop you from eloping and marrying Brady’s dad at sixteen,” Lawrence said. He tended to speak without thinking first.
            Michele sighed.
            Brady said, “That’s a horrible thing to say to your mother.”
            “It’s true,” Lawrence said. “I didn’t mean it in a horrible way.”
            Before Brady could reply, Michele reached for his arm and said, “He’s right. I’m not upset about it. I’ll be the first to admit I haven’t made the best choices in husbands.” She’d been married three times so far, and each time it had ended in divorce. Brady’s father, Rick, had been the first. He’d been a semi-professional race car driver she’d met the summer she’d turned sixteen and she claimed it had been love at first sight. She’d lied about her age and she’d told him she was nineteen instead of sixteen. When her father refused to let her see Rick anymore, she talked Rick into eloping and they were married in Las Vegas. The marriage to Rick lasted about two years…until Michele found him cheating on her with another man. How could she have known? So she divorced him and married a guy named Pierre Framboise. That marriage lasted four years…until he found Michele cheating on him with Lawrence’s father, Morton Johnson. So she divorced Pierre, married Morton, and they remained together for six years…until she found him cheating on her with another woman. The cycle never seemed to end.
            Brady sighed. He put his arm around Michele and kissed her on the cheek. “I don’t have the best track record either,” he said. He rarely even mentioned Kevin’s name aloud. But he wanted his mother to feel less isolated.
            “I have a feeling all that is going to change,” Michele said. “I think Farman is the most perfect man I’ve ever met. And I think you’re going to live happily ever after with him, dear.” She hugged Brady and kissed his cheek this time.
            “Can we just go to the beach?” Lawrence said. “Or are you two going to join hands and start singing We Are the World?”
            Brady laughed and said, “You go out front and wait in the car. I have to go upstairs and change. I’ll be right down.”
            Fifteen minutes later, Brady found Lawrence leaning against his Porsche staring down at his smart phone. On his way to the car, he found his uncle, Jackson, sitting on a bench all hunched over looking at his own phone. Jackson had flown down from Maine to be there for the wedding. He was Michelle’s younger brother, and as openly gay as Brady. On that particular afternoon he wore a pair of navy shorts, a white polo shirt, and white athletic shoes. He’d been having a clandestine love affair for many years with a well-known…closeted…politician in Washington, D.C. and they often communicated through text messages now. Michele had only been eighteen years old when Brady had been born. Jackson was ten years younger, and looked more like Brady’s age.




Jiri Tlusty Gay Kiss; Republican Gay Support; Gays and Homophobes Hugging

Jiri Tlusty Gay Kiss

As a gay man I have to admit I find this interesting. Two young guys, holding each other, tongues out pointed toward each other, and they aren’t gay. Of course it’s all about context with things like this, but at a glance, without knowing any back story, it’s interesting to see a photo of Maple Leaf Rookie, Jiri Tlusty, in such a homoerotic pose.

Lil bit of gossip here… there were some shots on the net of Jiri Tlusty on a gossip site “tonguing” another guy, which honestly doesn’t really mean anything, and the tonguing was more of a silly pose for a picture… but then this same gossip site dug a lil deeper… and released probably the first ever self-nude shots of a hockey player… at least that I’ve seen.. lol.

The jock/sports theme makes it even more interesting because so many gay men in high profile sports still aren’t ready to come out yet, if ever.

You can read more here, and see a photo of Tlusty in the pose I described above.

Towerload did a short piece here, too.

There were allegedly nude photos of Tlusty as well, but the links don’t work anymore and they’ve evidently been taken down. He says he’s not gay. I believe him. But I still think it’s interesting. I’m not saying this is the case here, but I’ve seen plenty of photos where straight guys mock gay men with photos like this more often than not. Most of the time it’s not meant to be harmful.

Republican Gay Support

This to me is inevitable, and only because I know (and have always known) so many gay Republicans who are nothing like the GOP most people think about when they hear something stupid coming from the Christian right wing. Don’t think Michele Bachmann when you think gay Republican. In fact, I would even say safely that out of all the gay people I know at least 40% are gay Republicans and they can’t stand Michele Bachmann. They aren’t Fox News fans either, and Sarah Palin makes them cringe, too. The gay Republicans I know almost always agree with the gay Democrats I know on social issues, however, they don’t agree on fiscal issues. It’s not my belief because I’m an independent, but I understand it. Unfortunately, the tolerance level is low with the gay Democrats I know and there’s often a lot of passive aggressive discrimination and intolerance happening behind the scenes in the gay community. And, due to aggressive peer pressure in the gay community I also know many gay Republicans who remain in the proverbial closet for fear of being bullied.

There’s an ad out now with young people of all races who are Republican who aren’t the typical stereotype we usually associate with the GOP. And I think that as readers and authors the people who come here to read my posts are interested in keeping up with things like this…because the world is changing and not everything is what it used to be. Politics is changing, too. And the Republican party knows that if it’s going to survive they can’t continue on the same path. This is especially true when it comes to gays. They lose independents like me if they don’t change, and independents like me wind up voting for the lesser of two evils instead of for the best candidate. It’s how I’ve voted, literally, since 2007. I have not left a voting booth since 2007 feeling happy about my vote. Aside from the fact that there are plenty of gay Republicans both out and in the closet, there’s been a huge shift in opinion in the past few years for gay marriage and equal rights. I personally get private messages all the time from both gay and straight Republicans telling me how frustrated they often get because they are pro-gay.

In any event, this article talks about how the new Republican ads are being “lambasted” as pandering. But I’m not so sure that’s true…at least not completely. All political ads pander in one way or another from all sides. And frankly, I wouldn’t put anything past the Democratic party at this point, especially in an election year when things don’t look that great for them.

However, gay activist Jeremy Hooper has discovered that even though the official Republican national platform opposes same-sex marriage, one of the GOP’s bespectacled spokes-hipsters, Scott Greenberg, once posed for a photo with the gay-married reality show couple The Fabulous Beekman Boys. Hooper writes:

If (Greenberg) is as pro-LGBT as appearances would lead me to believe, it would actually make sense that the GOP is going this direction. After all, it’s only a matter of time before they have to become an LGBT-accepting party, if they want to be in the ballgame at all.

Read more:

Here’s the actual link.

If you are interested in politics it’s an interesting article with more links. I’m not a huge political fan because I don’t trust any of them. But from a social POV I think it’s worth looking at simply because no one wants to remain antiquated in these changing times. The political landscape in general (and the disappointments in what be all believed was real that we’ve all learned to live with) since 2007 in the US are vast when compared to what’s happening today. And even though the entire gay community went dead silent in the previous Presidential election when it came to the very first openly gay man ever to run for President, Fred Karger, whom I posted about often, the changes are going to happen whether people like them or not.

For me, following Karger’s campaign was more about my fascination with a gay man actually running for President. I got to see that in my lifetime, just like African Americans got to see a man of African descent become President. As a gay man I think that’s important. I feel the gay candidate deserves that support from me. I wish I’d seen that same support from the gay community. Since then, Karger has worked tirelessly to support same sex marriage. Once again, he was gay and ran on the Republican ticket. I haven’t seen one Democrat work as hard as he has for gay marriage, and take such little credit for it.

Gays and Homophobes Hugging

An experiment called “First Hug” put gay people and homophobic people together for the first time. It was posted on Youtube and so far has received over one million hits.

The video is a parody of “First Kiss,” a video that asked 20 strangers to kiss, produced by clothing company Wren. “First Kiss” has inspired other spin-offs, including Tonight Show host’s Jimmy Fallon’s version with kittens and puppies.

“First Hug” begins with the strangers talking before they hug.

“Why did you ever think it was a sin?” a gay man asks a woman.

“Because it says so in the Bible,” she replies.

A man asks a gay man,” “How do you kiss another guy? I don’t get that.”

“The same way you kiss another girl,” the man replies.

Despite different viewpoints, the pairs end up hugging it out.

“I’m still normal, you’re still normal,” one woman says.

You can check it out here, where there are link and a video.