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Harvey Fierstein vs Johnny Weir; Another Gay Kiss; Gay Penguins

Harvey Fierstein vs Johnny Weir

Broadway’s Harvey Fierstein recently blasted Johnny Weir in public. Fierstein is sick of hearing about Weir’s marriage and divorce and he made it clear, with some choice words you don’t hear often, how he feels.

When the multiple Tony winner, currently on Broadway in Casa Valentina, was asked by Huffington Post about issues he is speaking out these days he replied: ‘Anything but Johnny Weir. Leave me alone with that faggot. Anything but Johnny Weir and his divorce.’

Although I’ve written my own fair share of Weir snark since Weir made his dumb comments about the Russian Olympics, I wouldn’t have called him a faggot. I hate that word. I even hate it with gay camp. But then Fierstein comes from a time when gay men used that word all the time with each other…kind of like changing pronouns all the time. And I “get” it.

As for the Weir/Voronov marriage/divorce debacle, I agree with Fierstein that it’s hugely annoying. However, I do like the fact that now we have a real live gay version of Jennifer Anniston/Brad Pitt all our own. I think that’s part of equality, too, in a way.  

You can read more here.

Another Gay Kiss

It was bound to happen. Just like the male nude calendars for charity that keep popping up everywhere, two male soccer players just kissed in public after winning the Europa League.

As soon as the kiss happened, several media outlets have started speculating about their relationship.

It should be no surprise the world was excited by the liplock between Rakitic and Carrico, as it happened days after a very special kiss.

Photo and more here.

I guess that mean blond girl who stormed off the set of her talk show in Texas during the discussion about Michael Sam’s kiss better put on her big girl panties and gear up for more.

Side Note: I remember the first time I saw to men kissing in public. I wasn’t out but I knew what I liked and didn’t like. It happened on 7th Ave. So. in The Village. They were leaning against a car and going at it with tongues and gropes in a way I’d never seen before. At a closer glance, I saw they both had erections. It warmed my seventeen year old heart.

Gay Penguins

I know this sounds a little odd, but it seems real. Evidently, there are gay penguins, and the gay penguins have proven to be better parents than the straight penguins.

A female called Isobel laid an egg, but left it after her partner Hurricane refused care for it.

Hurricane, described as that type of male penguin is happy to get his partner pregnant but refuses to be a father, was described by the park owners as ‘very inconsiderate.’

After Isobel left the egg to find food, it was given to Jumbs and Kermit – a committed couple for the past two years.

More here.

I’ll bet those gay penguins are better parents than Johnny Weir and Victor Voronov would be, too.

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