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Matt Damon’s Tan Lines; Gay Kiss "Inappropriate"; Women Who Love Gay Romance

Women Who Love Gay Romance … Cover Preview

This is actually the first time I’m seeing the cover for The Women Who Love to Love Gay Romance up anywhere. Because the majority of the book is so intimate, I opted for a cover that didn’t have a nude male torso this time. And although there are many steamy scenes in the book, and in each story, I thought the emotional aspects outweighed the sex…as far as covers go.

Matt Damon’s Tan Lines

There are so many serious things happening around the world right now, sometimes it’s important to focus on the silly things. And what could be sillier than focusing on Matt Damon’s tan lines?

For his performance as Liberace’s boy toy, Damon had to wear some pretty skimpy costumes, including several bikini-style swimsuits. Wanting to avoid noticeable tan lines in the film, he said he hiked up some bikini briefs and got spray-tanned from head to toe. The result, though, was a pretty epic tan line that was probably worse than he would have had otherwise.

Damon said the awkwardness happened the morning after his spray tan. “I start brushing my teeth and my wife kinda comes in,” he said. “And she screams, ‘What the hell happened to your ass?”

Damon thought the tan lines were so funny, he asked the director to leave them in his nude shots. Actually, I’ve read a lot of harsh things about Damon playing someone so much younger than he is, but I have to admit I think he pulled it off well. I even said to Tony the night we watched Behind the Candelabra that I was amazed at how young he looked for someone in his forties. If every forty year old ass in a bikini on the beaches in P’town looked like Matt Damon’s, I wouldn’t need dark glasses and Tums anymore.

You can read more here.

Gay Kiss “Inappropriate”

There was a youtube video with two men kissing that was flagged as “Inappropriate,” by users, and dubbed “Age-restricted” by youtube, simply because they were two men kissing. There was no nudity; there was no foul language. Youtube claims this was “human error,” which makes sense if you know anything about how poorly most social media web sites are run when it comes to things like this. When it comes to social media, the owners missed basic US history, because on social media you are always guilty before you are proven innocent.

The artist who produced the clip, Idan Bitton, released this statement:

“‘First Kiss’ offers a view into an intimate moment between two men. The kiss does not interact with the viewers nor seeks their approval. It just is, alive and present for 84:24 minutes. For me, the video is a reflection of the gay rights struggle momentum. At this point, everyone is welcome to take a look if they choose to, yet our kiss is here to stay with no apologies.

It’s the old double standard once again. It’s OK for a man and a woman to kiss, hold hands, or even make out in a parked car, but let two gay people do anything even remotely related to these things and it’s adults only. I even see this on some blogs where gay books are discussed, where there’s an adult content warning page that pops up before I actually get to the blog. But when I do get to the blog most of the time I only see things that have basic gay content and nothing that would require an age restriction. And I usually just leave and wonder why.

As of now, after complaints, youtube has removed the age-restriction. You can read more here, and check out the video.