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Adam Lambert Unapologetically Gay; Unapologetic Will Ferrell Gay Movie Jokes; Looking and Douching Is Canceled

Adam Lambert Unapologetically Gay

Pop singer, Adam Lambert, is speaking up about why it is so important to him to be unapologetically gay. I think the message is important.

This is his statement:

I think there’s a simple power in being unapologetic and open about who and what you are and not letting it prevent you from getting what you want. In that way, I think I’ve made a statement. My wish is for gay to become less of a label, and more of just one of many great colors in the collective box of humanity. I’m not a separatist. I’m all inclusive.”

I found it here. 

I tread with care here because I know not all gay men are able to be unapologetic about being gay. I don’t blame them. But I do happen to agree with Lambert and I’ve been doing the same thing for the past ten years.

And it’s not always easy to do.

Unapologetic Will Ferrell Gay Movie Jokes

I think the title of this article speaks loudly…”Will Ferrell Is Not Apologizing For the Anti-Gay Jokes In His Crappy Movie.”

They never do apologize. I’m not surprised he’s not apologizing, and I’m not surprised his movie is being called crappy. For me Will Ferrell has always been the epitome of heteronormative crappy movies from days gone by.

In any event…

Critics have blasted the film for what Variety calls “some of the ugliest gay-panic humor to befoul a studio release in recent memory.”

One of Ferrell’s character’s biggest fears of being raped by another man. (Because prison rape is the funniest thing ever!) After learning “gang slang” with some African Americans, he tries giving a blowjob to a man he meets in a public bathroom. (Because men blowing men is also the funniest thing ever!)

But don’t expect any apologies from Ferrell for his passe, homophobic, racist, not to mention just plain bad jokes. He thinks they’re totally uproarious.

“Any time you’re going to do an R-rated comedy, you’re going to offend someone,” he recently told the AP. “But that’s kind of what we do. We provoke. We prod. We also show a mirror to what’s already existing out there. We’re playing fictitious characters who are articulating some of the attitudes and misconceptions that already exist.”

I don’t think anyone has mentioned to Ferrell that comedy has changed and evolved over the years. This is what comedy (and all communication) does as time passes. The same comedy that was so popular in the early 20th century vaudeville shows did not work in the latter part of the century. Lazy racist, gaycist heteronormative humor doesn’t work anymore now.

You can read more here. 

Looking Is Canceled

This really bothered me. The LGBT HBO series, Looking, that I’ve been posting about since it started has been officially canceled.

After two years of following Patrick and his tight-knit group of friends as they explored San Francisco in search of love and lasting relationships, HBO will present the final chapter of their journey as a special.  We look forward to sharing this adventure with the show’s loyal fans.

There’s more here.

The article goes on to talk more about how Looking fans soon became polarized after the first show.  Just this weekend Tony and I had a small dinner party here and two people got into a discussion about Looking. One loved the show, one didn’t (Tony). I think the issue with Looking is that it got into too much reality and it showed a segment of gay men that people don’t always like to recognize. They think we’re all the same…Modern Family…but we’re not.

And I like Patrick. I’ll miss him.

Frankly though, I blame all this on Patrick’s douche scene (smile). Although gay men do actually douche, they just don’t douche on TV. It’s just not done.

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