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Westboro Baptist Church Against Kim Davis; Homophobic Ukrainian Tennis Pro; Gareth Thomas, Guinness Ad, and Coming Out As Gay

Westboro Baptist Church Against Kim Davis

Kim Davis, now famous for refusing to support LGBT civil rights and for refusing to follow the law, is now being slammed by the Westboro Baptist Church. I don’t think that means the Westboro folks are supporting anything LGBT, however, it’s amusing when they turn on each other in the name of religion and all that is holy. 

Divorce and remarriage are no-nos in Westboro’s eyes, and it has armed itself with the bible passage that proves it, reports Deep South Daily. Since Davis’s four walks down the aisle are the result of her three divorces, she has become one of the church’s prime targets. The church is even calling for her resignation. Clutch the pearls!

You can read the rest here. 

Homophobic Ukrainian Tennis Pro

LGBT news seems to be slacking off lately so I’m left with stories like this. Maybe that’s because Kim Davis is taking up so many headlines.

In any event, Ukrainian tennis pro, Sergiy Stakhovsky, made a homophobic comments and now he’s claiming he’s not homophobic because…get this…his hairdresser is gay.

The 60th ranked player on the men’s pro tennis tour caused controversy when he said he would not allow his daughter to play the sport as there are ‘a lot’ of lesbian players.

He also said there are no closeted gay players among the top 100 as you be able to notice a gay guy in a locker room.

In an attempt to defend his comments, Stakhovsky said: ‘Yes, there are many lesbian players. But I do not have anything against it.

‘My best friend is gay. My hairdresser is as well. I do not think the tennis community will treat anyone badly if they come out as gay.’

No closeted gay players? His gay hairdresser? I think someone should tell him. 

There’s more here. 

Gareth Thomas, Guinness Ad, and Coming Out As Gay 

Here’s something good old Sergiy Stakhovsky should pay attention to, since he doesn’t think there are any closeted gay tennis players in the top 100.

In a new ad for Guinness, retired Welsh rugby star Gareth Thomas gets deeply personal as he recalls what it was like to become the first in his sport to come out publicly back in 2009.

‘Every impact, every rib cracked, every bone broken – that was nothing compared to the demons that were tearing me apart,’ he says in the spot. 

‘In my darkest hour, I turned to my teammates, telling them I was gay – that was the toughest thing I’d ever done.’

I hear people say all the time they can’t wait until we don’t have labels anymore without really thinking about what that means, or how insulting it is, to gay people who are out…or have come out. Well, I can’t wait until telling everyone you’re gay isn’t the toughest thing you’ll ever have to do.

You can check the rest out here.  

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Robbie Rogers Gay Masculinity; Twinks, Daddies, Jocks; Transgender Fairy Dolls

Robbie Rogers Gay Maculinity

It was hard to title this part of the post. I thought about using “Gay Stereotypes” and a variety of other interesting words often used with respect to gay men. I’ve often talked about how we usually see only one type of gay man portrayed in the mainstream, when the truth is that there are all kinds of gay men and if people really knew this there might not be any stereotypes at all.

But as it stands this is still a discreet topic and many gay men haven’t even come out at all. Many don’t come out because of stereotypes. It’s not a simple topic. The other day I posted on FB about Michael Sam mentioning there are other gay pro football players and one gay guy commented that Sam shouldn’t have said that. The guy who commented thought it might start a “witch hunt.” That floored me a little because even gay people don’t always see the importance of coming out…as difficult as it is to do for all of us. 

In any event, Robbie Rogers is a gay athlete and they’re doing a sitcom about his life. ABC is doing this, which doesn’t give us much hope that it will be either accurate or funny…because it’s network TV. But the main point right now is that Robbie Rogers has asked to have a masculine actor play him in the sitcom, and if this is done right it sounds as though it could be something different for a change…something with which other gay men can identify.

 We want to teach people through laughter and play with stereotypes.

“It’s gotta be someone funny, someone who doesn’t care and someone very masculine; someone you wanna grab a beer with. In a perfect world – he obviously wouldn’t do this and I don’t think I’m anything like him – but someone like Chris Pratt. You know, someone hilarious, good looking but not super fit, you know what I mean? So it looks like he doesn’t go to the gym kind of thing…”

Now you would think that was an innocent comment from Rogers. However, if you move down to the comment thread and see some of the vicious comments left by disgruntled people you would think Rogers killed a kitten. It’s also two-sided and it sparked an interesting discussion.

You can read the rest here.

Twinks, Daddies, Jocks

Here’s a link to an article about the various definitions often used to portray small groups of gay men. It’s interesting because it shows how the gay community can often be so diversified…and it’s hard to argue with any of them, except that they only define small groups. I don’t fit into any of the categories and no one I know does.

Here are two I didn’t even know existed:

Pocket Gay
Petite and small in stature, a pocket gay is a travel-sized homosexual who stands under 5’7, even in shoes, and is often highly sought after the moment he steps into a gay bar.

Short guy
Petite and small in stature, a short guy stands under 5’7, even in shoes, and is overlooked or assumed to be gay when he steps into a straight bar.

I probably could have lived a full and happy life never knowing these labels exist, however, I’m just passing the information on with this one. It’s just one of those topics where you’re not sure whether to laugh or kick something.

You can read the rest here. 

I’d like to know one thing: what about the gay men who own homes, pay taxes, vote, are active members of their communities, and have families? Guess what, they even go to church. You know, the majority of gay men out there in the world today. Your cousin, your neighbor, and even your facebook friend. Never see a name for them anywhere in these trashy clickbait articles.

Transgender Fairy Dolls

I’m not talking about a category or a stereotype this time. There’s a new toy doll out on the market that’s “shocking” parents because it’s a transgender fairy doll. But even that information is sketchy because it could have been a mistake. And I don’t really know enough about transgender people to comment honestly about this, but I would think this might be insulting on a certain level. I could be wrong about that. I really don’t know.

News about the doll broke after a mother claimed her three-year-old daughter discovered the penis under the doll’s skirt. She posted a picture of it on her Facebook account. The story quickly went viral, causing a stir across the country, before eventually turning into a worldwide pandemic among concerned parents.

The toy was made in China. It is unknown whether the penis was intentional on the part of the manufacturers or if was a factory defect, though we’re going to take a wild guess and say it wasn’t intentional.
I will say this. The transgender people I know don’t identify with fairy dolls. They identify with a specific gender, period. Unfortunately, as it stands the comments aren’t too helpful with this one. I was hoping to learn more, but didn’t.
You can read the rest here, with a photo of the doll. 

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Michael Sam’s Dad’s Mixed Reaction to Gay News

Michael Sam’s Dad’s Mixed Reaction to Gay News

I’ve posted about this more than once this week and all you have to do is scroll down to find the posts they’re so recent. Michael Sam, a football player with University of Missouri, came out this week and people are still talking about it. This time they are talking about the less than thrilled reaction Michael Sam’s dad had when he discovered his son is gay through a text from Sam Jr. while he was eating at Denny’s.

“I couldn’t eat no more, so I went to Applebee’s to have drinks,” Sam Sr. told the newspaper. “I don’t want my grandkids raised in that kind of environment.”

Sam Sr. described himself as “old-school,” saying the idea of a gay player in the NFL bothers him, but he told the newspaper that he loves his son and hopes he makes it into the NFL.

“As a black man, we have so many hurdles to cross. This is just one he has to cross,” Sam Sr. told the Times.
Sam, an All-America defensive end, led the SEC with 11.5 sacks and 19 tackles for a loss last season.

This sounds all too familiar to me because I have a gay nephew and he came out to me on Facebook in a private message a few years ago, and that message wasn’t expected and it floored me for a moment. I had no idea. He was already on his way to med school in Iowa and in his mid-twenties doing a fellowship in St. Louis at Washington University. Evidently, having two openly gay uncles (my brother is gay) did nothing to help him come out sooner. It did nothing to relieve his anxiety. He went through the same angst and pain most younger gay men deal with before they actually decide to come out.

Of course I supported him immediately and told him I would not tell anyone else until he was ready. He told me he wanted to wait, but he just had to tell someone to get it “out.” He said if he didn’t he felt as if he might explode. Many gay men feel that way. A few days later I heard through my mom that my nephew phoned my sister and brother-in-law and he told them himself. And even though my sister and brother-in-law were shocked they didn’t support him immediately. It took a while. It wasn’t that they reacted poorly. They just reacted with shock and didn’t know how to deal with it.

So I can see how Sam’s dad would go through all kinds of mixed emotions. I went through them with my own nephew and I’m openly gay. The first thing I thought was how hard it’s going to be for my nephew being gay in this world. The second thing I thought was just support him no matter what because he already knows how hard it is. I also think it’s a little harder for some in the African American community. I dated men of African descent before I met Tony and they all faced the same issues, which was almost double the shame of being gay within their own communities. I’m not sure why the stigma still lingers so much in some places, but I think a lot has to do with the bible, religion, and strong ties to old ways that have been preached for hundreds of years.

I hope Sam Sr. comes to terms with this and learns from others that it’s not the worst thing in the world and that he should be proud of his son for being so talented, so honest, and so willing to become and example for other gay men like him. That in itself makes a bold statement about the kind of man Michael Sam is. And even though Sam Sr. might not know it yet, he definitely did something right when he was raising his son.

You can read more here.