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STUDlebrity Hot Men; Your Urban Culture Buff; The Underwear Expert Kickstarter Campaign

STUDlebrity Hot Men

This is an interview with Documentary filmmaker, Charlie David, who was a former boy band member. He’s put together a film about really hot guys and I think the theme is centered on why we find them so interesting…they rarely do anything other than look good. At least that’s what I think it is. There doesn’t seem to be any deep underlying message.

How do the economics work? Who is actually paying them to live like this?
I think there are a very select few Studlebrities who actually make a living through their social presence and fewer who make a very good living at it. I’ll quantify ‘very good living’ by setting the benchmark at six figures. There is generally a lot of noise online and so it takes a special type of personality who has proven a consistent audience for a corporate brand to take notice and to invest in them. How that works has a huge range of possibilities from traditional product placement in their videos or photos, ‘shout out’ endorsements, club or public appearances, Adsense on YouTube videos, monetization reward levels linked to views, non-cash support such as gear or swag, or exclusive deals which require the personality to do a certain number of posts within a time frame for a certain amount of money. Some Studlebrities, especially those involved in the digital video world, have proven themselves worthy of million dollar offers but these are absolutely the anomaly and not the norm. Most of these guys may not actually directly make any money off social media at all. It’s simply a marketing platform that they hope will translate into cash at some point.

I don’t know how to comment on this one. There are a lot of good looking guys out there and it seems as though David is reaching a little too far with this theme. But maybe not. I know he’s only talking about a select group of the most “elite” but even in that case who really takes them all that seriously unless they’ve actually done something of substance? In other words, you can only look at a pretty man for so long until you get bored, and if there’s nothing else but looks you move on to something better. And I really hate to say that because I feel as if I’m doing a huge injustice to at least some of the men that are being objectified as the most elite. I live few miles from a well known female model in Solebury, PA. She’s one of the biggest names in NY and is contracted with one of the biggest cosmetic firms in the world. Although close to forty she’s still working. But her husband was a former male model and he’s retired…in his forties. He’s still great looking, but considered too old to compete. It’s really not the easiest life to live.

You can read the rest of the interview here.

Your Urban Culture Buff

I swear I’m not making this up, and yes, these things about gay men just keep getting worse in some gay publications. I don’t even know what the fuck an urban culture buff is…nor do I really care.

Get this:

If there’s one thing we know and love, it’s the arts. Music. Theater. Dance. Architecture. You name it.

I’d rather not name it, because I know plenty of gay men who drink beer, eat pizza, and watch football on TV this time of year.

But this does read like an advertorial, so I guess it can’t be helped because they are selling something. So if you are interested in a trip for “your urban culture buff” you can check out the links here.

Have fun with “your urban culture buff.”

The Underwear Expert Kickstarter Campaign

I figured since the first two parts of this post were slightly ridiculous, I might as well end with something as odd. There’s now something called the Curated Underwear Club, where you can take your underwear personality test and they can hook you up with the best underwear that will suit you…because plain black and white briefs just don’t do the job anymore. But trust me, there’s more to this and it’s actually a great gimmick. I think sometimes you have to applaud a smart businessperson. Questionable, but smart. 

They will ask for your likes and dislikes on different factors. From pouches, waistbands, and underwear styles, they get an idea of the man before choosing his underwear. More custom options will also be available upon the club’s launch. With their proprietary technology, they focus on both your personality and tastes in underwear, and no other subscription on the planet will curate your underwear drawer in the same way.

If you actually give a shit about whether or not you’re wearing last year’s underwear, you can read more here. This is another one of those kickstarter campaigns and they have already raised close to thirty thousand put you into the right pair of underwear so you won’t be stressed out. 

When there are thousands of real charities out there that need help desperately, not to mention homeless people all over the US, 288 people donated money to this.

Side note…this is why they need the underwear money:

Every start-up requires a lot of money to get off the ground, and we’re asking for your help to finish building out the rest of the custom technology and meet our minimum orders with each brand we’re carrying to get started. We need a ton of underwear in various styles, sizes, colors and trends in order to be able to curate your individual subscription with products you’ll love. We know that once you experience our curated underwear program – you will never go back to traditional underwear shopping.

New Adult Love Story

Published through Ryan Field Press

Was Richard Burton Gay?

If Richard Burton was gay we’ll probably never really know for certain. And that’s because anything homosexual in Hollywood has always been kept quiet. To a certain extent it’s still going on right now. After reading and reviewing a biography about Merv Griffin and writing several blog posts about the book, I came to the conclusion that everything in the book either could have been exaggerated or it very well could have been absolute truth. No one screws gays over more than Hollywood or Washington, D.C.

Two things happened earlier this week that prompted this post. One, Tony and I were watching the made for TV movie about Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton’s complicated love affair and Tony said Richard Burton was gay. I’ve read a lot of celeb bios over the years and I just didn’t remember reading anything about Richard Burton being gay so I argued the point and we agreed to disagree. Then later that night I looked Burton up in the most basic of searches and read that there were, indeed, rumors of homosexuality linked to him. He even talked about it himself in an interview.

In a February 1975 interview with his friend David Lewin he said he “tried” homosexuality. He also suggested that perhaps all actors were latent homosexuals, and “we cover it up with drink“.[24] In 2000, Ellis Amburn’s biography of Elizabeth Taylor suggested that Burton had an affair with Laurence Olivier and tried to seduce Eddie Fisher[page needed], although this was strongly denied by Burton’s younger brother Graham Jenkins.[25]

The second thing that prompted this post was when one of my readers with whom I correspond on a regular basis talked about his situation. He’s married with children, living completely in the closet, he’s always known he was gay, and he thinks a lot of that has to do with the fact that he comes from an extremely concentrated, strict religious background and lives in an isolated area. I can’t go into details about that because it would violate his privacy. However, I did try to explain to him that his situation isn’t that much different from thousands of other gay men just like him who don’t come from his strict background. Some are Catholic and live in New York City. Some are Jewish and live in big cities like Chicago and LA. The point I tried to make to him was that his situation might be unique in many ways because his lifestyle is so strict and he is so isolated, but he’s not the only one who is in the closet for some very valid reasons.

Men like Richard Burton were victims of their times and their circumstances. This article backs up the basic search I did.

Munn disappears unconvincingly down the trail of trivial titivation. Was Richard Burton gay? You’d have thought you might as well ask if the Pope’s a Muslim. It turns out that John Gielgud assured Munn that Philip Burton, the teacher whose name the actor adopted, was a bit of a screamer on the quiet. “His mentor,” moans Munn, “had more on his mind than mentoring.”

It’s no secret that Liz Taylor had more than a few gay fans, or that she had more than a few gay friends…and possibly husbands. A lot of this info is backed up in other bios I’ve read, like the one about Merv Griffin.

But soon Hunter dumped the gorgeous actress in favor of Tony Perkins. Wilding and Taylor tied the knot and had two sons. But Wilding continued an affair with bisexual actor Stewart Granger. As her marriage to Wilding fell apart, Liz found consolation in the arms of yet another homo- sexual, according to the bio. Elizabeth and Rock Hudson became intimate, the book asserts, but the affair wasn’t a memorable one. “After several more between-marriage affairs, Elizabeth, then 24, landed in the arms of WIFE-BATTERING Hollywood producer Michael Todd, 47, who became her third husband,” said the insider.

This article is about as insulting to gay people as it gets.

But Burton’s brother Graham Jenkins described the claims as ridiculous.

He said that nobody who knew Richard would give it any credence because his brother was “the most heterosexual man most people had ever encountered”.

Whether or not Richard Burton was gay isn’t even the point. When a biography came out a few years ago suggesting that Burton might have been gay and that he had an affair with Sir Laurence Olivier, Burton’s family came out in protest and tried to dispute it as if being gay were an outright crime. They were vicious about it. In other words, no one ever comes out in protest about a man having too much sex with women. But God forbid a man should be linked to gays in any way at all and they all come out with their claws. And ironically, if Burton was gay he never would have told his family, so his family are not reliable sources. In fact they would have been the last people who would know for certain. In those days homosexual men remained in the closet mostly BECAUSE of family. But more than that, his family’s reaction to the possibility that he might have been gay is a perfect example of why he wouldn’t have come out of the closet if he had been gay. As a side note, imagine if Richard Burton had been keeping it a secret that he was half African American. He wasn’t doing that. I’m just showing an example. Would his family have come out in protest so viciously in that case? I don’t think so.

The facts are sketchy and no one will ever really know for certain if Burton was gay or not. For that matter, no one will ever know if any of these alleged gay film stars and celebs were gay either. I’ve always been against things like National Coming Out Day and events that put pressure on gay people who are in the closet. I don’t think it’s fair and I believe that coming out is a personal choice only the individual should make when he or she is ready. In the same respect, I also think it’s a little sad that if there were (or still are…lol) gay men like Richard Burton who have the power to change the world and give other gay men hope, they didn’t/don’t come out. I do think that’s going to change in the future, thanks to men like Matt Bomer and Neil Patrick Harris. But what a shame it is to think that someone as talented and powerful as Richard Burton might have been gay and never admitted it. Burton was a heavy drinker…some say alcohol ruled his life. They say that most heavy drinkers drown their problems in alcohol for a reason. And I can’t think of a reason better to drink than not being able to admit who you really are.