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Zachary Quinto on "Queerbaiting"; Happily Married Threesome; Meadows Are Not Forever by Ryan Field

Zachary Quinto on “Queerbaiting”

I’ve been posting about this for a long time but I called it “gaybaiting.” Queer or gay, it’s still baiting and still means the same thing. It’s when “they” bait gay people with gay storylines on TV or films and nothing really ever happens, or when so-called straight white men like James Franco use gay issues and culture to the point of exploitation just to spark the curiosity of gay men so they can gain attention and money. There are other forms, too, and I’m using men this time because I don’t see it happen with women…although I’m sure it does.

Zachary Quinto who is gay was recently asked how he feels about “queerbaiting,” because he’s been involved in some of it himself with a film he was promoting with James Franco. 

Zachary Quinto sounded off on the likes of male stars like James Franco and Nick Jonas, who have been criticized for “queerbaiting” their gay fans with steamy photo shoots and same-sex love scenes in movies even though they identify as straight in their offscreen lives. 

Quinto, who stars opposite Franco in 2015’s “I Am Michael,” told HuffPost Live host Josh Zepps that he didn’t have an issue with the phenomenon, saying, “These guys who are, in many ways, considered very conventionally desirable, attractive leading men… lending themselves to these kinds of stories is a valuable thing for our culture.”

Of course this could also be called exploiting a popular issue for monetary gain, not to mention cultural appropriation. We don’t need help with our culture. Our culture is fine as it stands, thank you. 

Quinto also went on to discuss other matters for which he’s been criticized. You can read the rest here. 

The comments are interesting in a sad kind of way, and in some ways they prove how far all LGBT people have to go yet…within the LGBT community. Many just don’t get the simple fact that if James Franco or Nick Jonas were to have the audacity to do this with any other minority they would be slammed racist and placed on the same guest list as Paula Deen. Personally, I think it backfires in the long run. A lot of gay people might not realize this is happening right now. But they will.

Happily Married Threesome

This is interesting to me because I’ve written about long term three-way relationships with gay men, and I’ve known men in three-way long term relationships personally (I will post in-depth about this someday). In my fiction I’ve always made a point of stating there would be no legal marriage between a three-way relationship. Not for any strong reason other than that’s not how things work in our society and I don’t want readers to think I don’t know any better.

But here’s a story about a three-way relationship where they all got married to each other in Thailand.

These three Thai men, identified only as Joke, Bell and Art, thaied (zing) the three-way knot earlier this week in a traditional Thai water-pouring ceremony.

They shared the following batch of wedding photos, which elicit all sorts of questions. But mostly, the three look happy.

The article also states this was not a legal marriage…for the same reasons I’ve always made this clear in my books.

Side note: As I stated, I have seen long term three-way relationships. Several. But I have never seen one last more than a few years. 

You can read more and see photos here. 

Meadows Are Not Forever