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List of Cities with Large Percentage of Gay Households

I recently read something on social media where they listed a few cities with large percentages of gays. Some of the cities struck me as unlikely, so I did a little research and found this web site I’m linking to right now.

I’m not knocking the other list. For all I know, it could be accurate. But the one I’m linking to now seems more accurate to me, based on my own personal experience and what I know about the gay community.

Needless to say, Wilton Manors, FL is first on the list to which I’m linking. The photo above is from a real estate listing in Wilton. I can’t tell you how many gay couple I know who have winter places in Wilton Manors or have moved to Wilton Manors permanently. I’ve thought about getting something small down there myself just because there is such a large gay community.

It didn’t surprise me to see Palm Springs as number three. I’ve thought about going there, too. Mostly because so many of my gay friends from New Hope have already moved out there. And those who haven’t moved, do spend a great deal of time there during the winter months.

Here’s the link. When reading this, I didn’t find any surprises. And that’s because the gay people I know tend to talk about these things often. And they tend to live in places where there are larger percentages of other gay people.