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New Release Today: Young, Hung, and Hitched…A Gay Honeymoon Romance

First, a little back story. This book, YOUNG, HUNG, AND HITCHED, was originally titled, “Gone With A Wink.” (Nothing to do with Gone with the Wind.) It was actually a suggestion from a reader on facebook. I liked it. The publisher liked it. So they contracted me to do it.

But as time went on, in the middle of writing the book, both the publisher and I decided the original title wasn’t right. So I sent them ten different title suggestions: five romance oriented and five more erotica oriented. I asked them to decide and said I’d be fine with anything they chose.

Being that this book is about two young gay men in love who are planning their wedding and honeymoon, I thought the title worked well. And the fact that they are taking a cross country road trip with a huge silver trailer makes the “hitched” part even more symbolic. And, once again, as with most of the titles of my books, this one was chosen with a certain amount of humor as well.