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Kirk Cameron Gay Softcore Erotic Book; Kegel For Your Male Sex; Gay F. W. Murnau’s Head Stolen

Kirk Cameron Gay Softcore Erotic Book

Some author I’ve never heard of just released a gay erotic novella with a character that’s Kirk Cameron…I think. It’s hard to comment. I’m not even sure this is legal to do or how it plays out with free speech, and I don’t know how litigious Kirk Cameron is. Scarlett Johansson  filed a defamation lawsuit against a romance writer a few years ago in France for something like this, and she won. I don’t recall the details of that case, but you can check that out with the link.

Set at a remote pray-the-gay-away summer camp, Kirk Cameron & the Crocoduck of Chaos Magick tells the story of a rebellious teenager who employs “chaos magick” to seek revenge on the camp’s director, Kirk Cameron, by sicking a “crocoduck” on the Saving Christmas star.

And this:

According to the book’s description, Kirk Cameron & the Crocoduck of Chaos Magick promises lots of “hot gay orgy action, involving crockoducks, sexy holy cheese, Chaos Magick, oral sex, anal, clone 69ing, and Stigmata hand sex.”

For the most part the article reads like an advertorial, which it probably is. But the comments are interesting.  I think I’ll pass on this one.

The rest of this is here.

Kegel For Your Male Sex

According to this article, Kegel improves sex for men, too. And what exactly is Kegel, you ask?

It’s a pelvic exercise routine that tightens vaginal walls. But it’s allegedly good for men.

“Some research shows that Kegel exercises can make erections point further up in men whose penises tend to point down or straight forward when erect,” says urologist Darius A. Paduch. Well as long as some research shows it, it’s got to be true.

Fetters prescribes three sets of ten, three times a day to achieve results.

Here you go. 

No comment. I’ll just quietly show myself out with this one.

Gay F. W. Murnau’s Head Stolen

F. W. Murnau is a storied silent horror film director of Hollywood’s early days. Evidently, there was a skull stolen from his family grave site, in Germany.

Murnau, who was best known work for his 1922 vampire film Nosferatu, died in a car accident in Santa Barbara in 1931. He was 42 at the time. One of Old Hollywood’s longest-standing rumors — never substantiated — suggests that he died while performing fellatio on a young Filipino man who was driving his car when it crashed into an electric pole.

The recent theft isn’t the first time Murnau’s head has been the object of people’s fascination. According to Hollywood legend, after he died, screen siren Greta Garbo commissioned a death mask of Murnau’s face, which she kept on her desk.

You can read more here. Authorities are working to solve the case, but it’s not the first time his grave has been disturbed.

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