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Calum McSwiggan Pleads Not Guilty To Lying; Gay History: Oscar Wilde’s House; Man Regrets Coming Out Because Of TOO MUCH Support

Calum McSwiggan Pleads Not Guilty To Lying

If you remember, I posted about a you tube guy, Calum McSwiggan, who claimed he was attacked in an alleged hate crime in WeHo, and then the police started to question that. It’s a strange story all the way around.

McSwiggan was eventually charged with filing a false police report, as well as with vandalizing a car.

After missing his first scheduled court appearance because it conflicted with his vacation to Spain, McSwiggan appeared before a Los Angeles court yesterday, where he entered a not guilty plea to both of the charges against him.

You can read about that in more detail here. I’m not touching this one. 

Gay History: Oscar Wilde’s House

I’m always saying there’s very little gay history out there, at least pre-Stonewall. Well here’s something worth reading.

The former home of writer Oscar Wilde is one of six sites recognized by Historic England, an arm of the British government, for having significance to LGBTQ history.

There’s more here.  You can read the published listing on the historic web site, and there are some photos of the house.

Man Regrets Coming Out Because of TOO MUCH Support

I know that title sounds odd, but this is something that happens often and you never hear much about it. A guy came out of the closet to his family and now they’re offering him too much support and making him crazy.

That close, ever-smiling, ever-prying family support didn’t stop after the obligatory “We’re so proud” and “It’s okay to be gay.” Now, “all they talk about is how I’m gay. Nothing else I do matters.”

Such is the (thoroughly modern) problem facing Reddit user ifeelcursed. Since he came out, his cousin has been asking “weird questions,” like if he’s “ever thought of wearing lipstick.” Every aunt, uncle, and godmother is bending over backwards to set him up with available men.

You can read more here. It gets even worse. And I think the main point of all this is that it shows how little most people know about gay men. And it shows how seriously people still take these age old stereotypes…at our expense. Many of the comments below the article are spot on.

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