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Ricky Martin Raises 90K; James Franco Is Sweaty; A Man Marrying His Laptop

Ricky Martin Raises 90K

This is the kind of fundraising that makes a huge difference.

When Ricky was finished making everyone else jealous on the red carpet, he used his lips to raise some serious cash for amfAR. Pet resort owner Ana Paola Diniz bid $90,000 for a smooch with Martin, and from the looks of the photos she certainly got her money’s worth.

You can read more about this here. 

There’s a photo of Martin and his new boyfriend.

James Franco Is Sweaty

While Ricky Martin, the openly gay performer who sets good examples for everyone, is raising money for wonderful causes, this is what James Franco, the straight dude who makes gay movies about gay culture, is doing.

He’s getting sweaty.

A new scene has been released, this time showing James Franco and Keegan Allen as porn star duo Viper Boyz as they pump mad iron in preparation for shooting a scene-within-a-scene.

It’s one of those promotional things for Franco’s movie, King Cobra, which is about hard core gay pornsters, a very small segment of the gay male community, and murder. The rest of it is here. 

Here’s one of the more interesting comments:

 James Franco and his buddies got together one weekend and made a movie.

A Man Marrying His Laptop

This is truly about as ridiculous as it gets.

Meet Chris Sevier, the 38-year-old man who just filed a lawsuit against the state of Texas after he was refused a license to marry his MacBook.

Yes, you read that correctly. Sevier, an amateur EDM producer who was once arrested and charged with stalking country music star John Rich, says he wants to marry his computer and the state of Texas won’t let him. So he’s suing. It’s his way of protesting marriage equality. Or something.

I feel bad for Apple, though, because now I wish I didn’t have any Apple products.  You can read the rest here

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